Extreme Dating part 1

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So there’s always a backup plan B but what do we do when this goes wrong? These days you have to have a plan E. Fuck C and D there just isn’t enough time for that shit. That’s right, when that guy who would have been ok but would have felt like a compromise shows you photos of his kids and average looking mrs you know it’s time to start Extreme dating. The media are right. We’re running out of single men!

This isn’t for the faint hearted and some of you may balk at them but, needs must my precious:

1)      Revist the graveyard

You may have to go waaay back into the graveyard of your previous relationships but you have to consider everyone you rejected previously. And don’t look at how he made you feel. Instead, look at why you broke up. Did he just move cities or did he do your head in daily with his whining about Spurs losing again? Well Spurs are doing better so that might not be too bad but if you can’t stand the thought of him at all then keep it moving. If he just moved then look him up. He may have moved back. Or you may have to reconsider that 45 minute dating zone.

Whatever the key is to do your research, figure out if he’s married or not and even if he is then still get in contact. You never know these days. They may be separated. Your aim is to meet up and see if they’re worth another go. You have to bite the bullet here and put your shyness aside. At least with these ones you have some idea of what’s wrong with them.

2)      Lie about your age and date younger ….much younger

This is an obvious one but there comes an age where the men assume that you’re desperate and want to trap them into marriage and babies. Chances are you do but even if you don’t they THINK you do. That’s why you need to take a leaf out of their book and knock a few years younger. I would start with a poll amoextreme datingngst your bitchier friends to find out the age you can get away with. Lose those 80s CDs and don’t whatever you do talk about the Thatcher days like you remember it all too well. Stating that you were at a Poll Tax or Apartheid rally may well age you. Saying, you were a fan of Gary Glitter may not as chances are they don’t know who that is. Be careful how much of the news you refer to as history and how much you act surprised by

I say date younger but chances are you will be dating men your age who think they only want to date women younger so it all works out in the end. They’re slippery so again, when he plays that early 90s soul in the car don’t join in with stories of skipping college to go stalk said singer or catching the towel at a Silk concert. Sigh!

Yes extreme dating seems rather, well extreme but if you REALLY want that relationship then you need to start thinking BIG!

I wish you luck my precious and I won’t tell you which one I’m planning on using. Just look out for the future blogs. Part 2 on Tuesday


©Chelsea Black 2014