Extreme Dating Part 2

Extreme Dating

Shout it out. I’m single and I’m proud!

Tell everyone you’re single and that you’re on the lookout. We tend to want to pretend that we are ok with being single but sometimes, we are not ok and that should be ok too without people assuming that you’re desperate and crazy. Of course if you are desperate and crazy you don’t know this so you can understand why people jump to this conclusion, right? Don’t be bitter because you think your best days are behind you. Instead grab the social network by the horns and work those acquaintances.

I’m not suggesting you go all out like Americans with their dating cards but, if you have a group of friends that you love dearly and trust then send them a whatsapp image of you that they can show to random giuys they meet at work. Please be sure to tell your friends that guys they meet on holiday and the tube don’t count unless they can do do the 3 google test of sanity – facebook, linkedin and twitter are ideal although we are not accepting Instagram. Yes, the circle is getting bigger.

Join a secret society

If you don’t have the ability to tell friends, family and that dodgy woman at work that you’re single and looking then you might have to join a secret society . Some call this social networking. Others just use the gym to scope potential. Or church! The biggest secret society of husband hunters ever. Of course, if you don’t’ believe in whichever religion chances are you’re going to get caught out. Don’t just be there because there are a massive group of guys on your induction day. They’re never there when you go back. Instead I suggest you join a dating group and pit your chances again all of the other singles. You need to be brave for this one my precious and you can’t have a thin skin because they women aren’t playing.

Move him in

Got a spare room? Why not interview potential roommates / husbands and get paid for it at the same time. I know that this one is out there but imagine, you will know all of his bad habits before you start dating and if he doesn’t work out then the chances are he’ll have a friend that is similar but better? Best you choose someone that isn’t from overseas though as they can take a while to build up their contact list.

I’ve been playing with this one but, the way I love naked lounge dancing and lounging around in my robe puts me off. Besides, the eviction process in this country is no joke and, does he need to know ohow often your cooking sets off the fire alarm… I’m not sure that this one will work.

Ok so you get the gist. Extreme dating is for those that aren’t scared of going that little bit extra to find a man or woman for them. Eventually if you start to date differently to how you dated before you are more likely to meet someone other than the wastemen and nonsenses that litter your regular hunts.

But what happens if you decide that you don’t want a man, you just want the sprogs? Hmmmmm Extreme Dating Part 3 tomorrow

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