Does Dick size matter?

small penis 2Sometimes you have to sit down and ask yourself some life defining questions. Why am I here? Will I be a good mother? Why am I such a size queen? Does dick size matter? Hmmmmm…….

  • Is it because I’ve only seriously dated larger than average guys long term and therefore subliminally associate size with longevity? (no pun intended)
  • Is it because I believe that as a curvy woman you need a man of size to be a good fit in certain positions?  (there’s little worse than asking, ‘Is it in yet?’)
  • Is it because I’ve been ruined by Porn where the average big black cock really is big and black and deliciously cocksure?

Probably yes to all of the above. I’m a spoilt princess but then, you knew that didn’t you my precious? Size is mydeal breaker. It’s not anything he can change but for me it’s a standard. Some have a thing about height, weight, race, gender. It’s a sexual attraction. It doesn’t say anything about what kind of person they are (although as society we do think that tall men are more successful and that overweight men and women are lazier?)  So I’m proud to be a size queen.

Ever hear the one about it not being the size of the sea but the motion of the ocean? Who came up with that crap? A man. Give me size!  Stop trying to tell me that I should be satisfied with something smaller that moves differently.  Why is the world intent on telling women that we should settle for ever and that compromise is a good thing? I may suggest you compromise on where you live or whether you have to go see his mother that weekend.  But on sex? No.

I know that there are certain men out there who will only date women with significant size boobs or butts. I’ve dated my fair share. Their thing is that they know what they like and no matter how much she moves it you can’t fake natural jelly. Others are just happy they’ve got a woman that will get naked for them. We are all different. If a guy turned around and said he couldn’t date me because he’s a breast not butt man I would shrug and move on. That’s his loss. And I accept that I MAY be missing out on many a cute guy with a small dick. That’s a loss I’m prepared to accept.

SMALL_PENISI think we have lied to men long enough about it. In the same way men have a physical type so do we have a sexual type. I know women can get better boobs and butts now but just you wait, the real penis enlargement solution is coming and when it does we better hope it’s offered on the NHS.

Of course there are some women who love them. The ouch ouch girls who brag about being so tight and can only really manage a little one. These are the same women whose hair you must never touch. I’m not putting any pressure on anybody. There is someone for everyone.

So when asked the question DOES SIZE MATTER there really is only one answer for me and I say it loud and proud.



© Chelsea Black

5 thoughts on “Does Dick size matter?”

  1. Mine is 4 inches and i’ve never had complaints. I think if you all limit yourselves to bigger guys, you might be missing out on stuff you might not think about. Normally during blowjobs I last like two minutes since most girls can take it all in with almost no effort

  2. I agree with the post and Lois’s comment something feels “lacking” with an average sized dick. The feeling of being stretched out and filled up completely is great…*shrugs*

  3. Agreed. I too have been blessed with some lovely larger cocks in my time and my best lovers have been exceptionally well endowed. One of my first boyfriends was huge and it was absolutely BRILLIANT! Even though I’m small I love the feeling of it…makes me feel complete for the want of a better expression and going down on a big ol’ dick is so delightful…*sigh* its been a while. The last person I had a very brief fling with had a slightly average penis…and though the sessions were enjoyable I always felt that something was missing like I wasn’t quite full up…especially when I became exceptionally wet it just seemed a bit lacking. Hopefully my beloved will have the FULL package…nothing like it.

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