Dating Zone part 2

A – Sexy D is for Dating Zone part 2

Still on my reasons for having a strict 45 by public transport or car dating zone.

4)      The organisation

So I don’t travel light. If his place is cold I will have to bring pyjamas. Also there are all the things to look effortlessly amazing in the morning. By this I mean clothes and toiletries as I gave up make up in the 90s. Nowadays these require a suitcase….maybe two. This is England you can’t assume that a winter outfit will be needed the next day so have to pack two weather outfits and possibly a big coat. And I can’t go anywhere without my laptop because trust me when he falls asleep after a less than satisfactory performance I’m not searching his flat for his porn collection. No I’ll whip mine out (cough) and watch a little James Deen or Melissa Monet to take the edge off the frustration. I’m a great guest I bring my own entertainment.  I have however stopped bringing toys. Mysteriously they always get left behind.

5)      Why should I?

I don’t see why I should be making all of this effort to go and see a man I’m only dating. This isn’t a relationship as of yet it is casual and yet I’m meant to be planning overnight stays so soon?  Yes he could come and see me tis true but then hosting has its own issues such as having to clean and even possibly cook. Again with the chores?  This isn’t going to work. I just don’t think dating should feel like a second or third job. We already do enough maintaining ourselves what with salon treatments and gyms (ok I just opted for salon treatments)

6)      Dating means out

Unless I’m turning up in a trench coat with only lingerie on I don’t want to spend the beginning of any date at someone’s house. The house is a sex zone we accept this but I’m sorry I want to be out in this beautiful city drinking, eating, watching shows or drinking. Yes drinking is a healthy option. If we end up at yours then fine but to be honest we both have to put in some work to suggest that a trip to the outer Hebrides aka South Norwood, is justifiable. I don’t fancy the next day walk of shame when everyone else is off to work.  But rather that than a date at your house. I know that there is a dating recession going on but you can’t drag me to your house without even so much as the promise of a decent take away? Stop with the DVD nonsense. I know this means porn and sex whereas I really do want to figure out if Reese and Paul Rudd get together or did she get with Owen Wilson? I guess I’ll never know.

7)      I want to go home

Sometimes you just want to go home. I remember being at an ex boyfie’s house  and arguing I then had to do the long trek of shame on public transport because he lived in South East and my place was in North London. That was one miserable woman on 2 buses, 3 tubes and a long walk at the other end of the station. But what if we argue in the middle of the night? Yes I want to be able to call Addison Lee and tell them to come and fetch me without having to consider how I will pay for it. Cos something tells me you won’t be picking this one up.  Yes there is nothing like the dramatic exist to say you have a lot of making up to do.

Hmmmm but I wonder if I would change my zone demarcation for amazing sex? This is yet to be tested.

Happy zoning!

© Chelsea Black


    • Avoid it. It’s not meant to be. What I didn’t say is that maybe you don’t have as much in common with someone in Surrey than you might like to think if you live in zone 3? 😉

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