Dating Daddy?

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Dating Daddy

So I don’t’ date men with kids….anymore. It’s a personal choice as children are way too easy to get attached to and then you have to break up with them AND the (cheating) Daddy. What’s the point in being involved in a relationship where there is already way too many presents to buy at Christmas? I have my reasons as you can see. Yes it can mean that you have a cute flower girl for your wedding but is one day reason enough to take the risk? Wait let me think cos she was really cute and would be great for the photos but…it’s still a no.

Let me be clear. I know that there are some men who are great at managing having children and dating. I applaud them and the women that date them. Good for you finding love wherever you can. I also know that as I get older that the chances of men not having children already is lower. But I stand by my convictions.

This is a good daddy to date:

  1. You don’t see the children for a good 6 months or in some cases longer whilst he makes sure that you and he have something worthy of introducing the kids to
  2. He never uses the kids as an excuse to cancel appointments and dates unless in a real emergency. I know kids are accident prone but I’m assuming there wouldn’t be more than 2 incidents per child within a 6 month period, right?
  3. His children aren’t spoilt and manipulative. If they are then chances are this situation is going to be one when you resent the phone ringing.
  4. His kids are with one woman which is so much easier for him to negotiate changing weekends, school runs and holidays
  5. He doesn’t complain about how much the kids are costing him in private school fees, childcare or maintenance to the ex.
  6. He actually enjoys spending time with them and exploring the city. Yes he likes his children
  7. He recognises that McDonalds is a treat not Saturday daycare.
  8. He won’t ever choose you over the children. I’m sorry but why would you want to be with a man who put a woman over his short, mucky dependents
  9. He doesn’t prioritise you last after the children, the pets, work, the lads, football practise. Yes he must be a great daddy if he is a daddy but you need to feel like you count too.
  10. He tells you about his children straight away and how they fit into his life ie schedules and commitments so that you get to choose straight off the bat.

I know it’s not fair but if he hasn’t managed to get to the stage where he and the ex are cordial at worst and not sabotaging each other’s dating then I suggest you grab your purse and run. I know the man will argue that the ex is unreasonable but you dated and bred with her. You knew what she was like and yet you can’t manage her now? That is not the man for me.

As for sex with the children in situ, I just don’t. I like to feel l can express freely and walk around naked. Besides apparently a onesie isn’t an option. Having to be quiet for fear of waking others where that be his children or in my case his mum just isn’t the one.

© Chelsea Black


  1. The last guy I was involved with flopped on numbers 2 & 9. I’m with you, if I can avoid finding a man without kids already, that would be 50% of the list ticked.

    • Just make it a deal breaker. You really don’t need to be compromising at your age dear. Just do your thing with child free men. Just make sure they aren’t Daddies in Denial either.

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