The Dating App Age Gap

The Dating App Age Gap

R Kelly has some of you menz feeling like age ain’t nothing but a number. Gents, there is such a thing as being too old. And nowhere shows you this more than the dating app world. Let’s all join hands and talk about the dating app age gap because, some of you seem confused as to how this actually works.

His gap in understanding how dating apps work

The other day at an event I happened to come across a dude who was angry that he wasn’t getting enough action. I asked him what his requirements were. He said that he was looking for a woman aged 28 to 35. I asked him how old he was and he said, “Does that make a difference?” to which me and the other three women in the conversation shouted, “YES!”

Reluctantly he confessed to being in his mid 40s but he is young at heart. I asked him why he wasn’t looking at women closer to his own age and he balked. Besides, his 8 year age range was a lie. He was searching for 23 – 31 .

Why men date younger

When you ask men why they like younger women they will always tell you it’s because they have less baggage and still look after themselves. Yes hot girl summer is rife when you are in your 20s.

But the reality is that a lot of men CAN’T date older women. They struggle as it brings up feelings of inadequacy. Some complain that they feel emasculated. And that’s because a woman who has her shit together is less likely to be impressed by a man who is still a work in progress. These men will lament over the fact that she uses her money against him when all she does is pay her bills. He’ll say she’s too career oriented when he’s still playing with courses and part time gigs. If that’s your struggle then of course you will find those who have made it hard to be around.

Dating and the power imbalance

Also a lot of men are hellbent on power dynamics. It’s harder to manipulate someone who has lived through 30 years of Eastenders and 14 Seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She knows all the potential scenarios that could potentially play out in this dating space. You can’t be telling petty lies and thinking you will get away with it. Women of a similar age are like that teacher who can see through your homework lie from a mile. She remembers that you wrote goldfish in the essay about your pet so your dog doesn’t exist so couldn’t have eaten it.

The Dating App Age Gap

Despite all this the key issue is that these angry men who are dissatisfied with their own lives forget to realise that women in their 20s don’t want crusty uncles. They too swipe with the idea of finding themselves a hottie. That’s what your 20s are for after all. You’re not looking for someone with kind eyes on a dating app. Dating in your 20s is all about having sex and fun. The dream isn’t to be bred by a belly and a greying beard.

Back to Age Gap

I explained that women weren’t looking for him. That’s why so many men lie about their age on their profile. He sucked his belly in and threw a tantrum like a 10 year old. That’s when I realised that he wasn’t able to date anyone grown up and should probably just stop dating. But, nobody wants to hear that I guess? He turned to me and I just knew he was about to change his age on the apps.

That is why I recommend you video call Ladies before you waste a perfectly decent evening across from an Uncle who took 10 years off his age to trick you into dating him.

Happy swiping!

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