Celebs Go Date Part 2 : Dick dives Deep

No this is not a post about a dick reveal on the show. The most revealing thing in this episode is that Josh Ritchie doesn’t know that a cold sore and herpes are linked? Worrying. This idiot was willing to kiss Russian Vitalia if she was up for it? Oh hell no. We also learned that ..ok that’s about it. It’s hardly an educational show. Let me not digress.

I’m just on here celebrating the delight that was Richard ‘Dick’ Blackwood on Celebs Go Dating mansplaining dating in such a convoluted way that Dean Gaffney couldn’t even fake act his way out of it.

Let’s go back: Dick who did Celebrity Detox and then Celeb First Dates where he was pied off. This is the man who is giving The Gaff advice? And now he’s going to be a big deal on Hollyoaks, having left Eastenders in somewhat mysterious circumstances.

Apparently, he plays the father of 3 characters on there so, not even a good Dad as he’s described as dangerous. I just don’t know if he’s qualified. I got the sit down with Lee Ryan from Blue as he was actually in the agency the year before but, this?  

I think this whole segment was just a sneak peak for fans as something tells me that Dick will be at the agency next season. Or a favour to Hollyoaks PR department.  I hope it’s the former because I may actually invest in a TV licence for the first time ever to watch that. Dick is THAT entertaining.

Check out episode 15 just for the joy that is Dick. Never has one Dick given so much pleasure by coming out with so little.

Oh! I also learned that you can dust a table with your feet. I’m trying here!

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