Call me Daddy

A- Sexy  D is for Daddy part 3

Call me Daddy
He looks at me and I look at me. Yes there is a mirror. We know it’s on and as we are pulling clothes off of each other with careless abandon (yeah, I’m going to miss those lavender pantyhose) he starts to talk shit. He tells me that he’s going to make me so wet that I’m going to be dripping for days. As those tight white boxers come off he tells me that he’s going to punish me for taking so long over dessert. This wasn’t my fault. Who knew the tarte tatin took 25 minutes? I respond by throwing my bra at him and scrambling onto the bed. He approaches with that glint in his eyes and tells me to assume the position. I pretend not to know which position he is talking about but soon find myself on my front. And so the fun begins. No real foreplay, just good ole raw sex.

It’s all going well and he’s talking dirty and I’m loving it before he grabs my hair (damn these braids) pulls my head back and growls into my ear “Who’s your Daddy? HUH! Who’s your Daddy, bitch!”

[scratch record sound]

Why it bugs me

Ok so I love me some role play but the Daddy thing is a step too far. I tell you for why and it really could just be me. I still call my Daddy….daddy. I don’t call him Dad. Sometimes I call him Father but that’s as far as it goes. I just don’t get the Daddy thing.

I know that porn has ruined the imagination of many a man but this BS has to stop. You are not a rapper or gangster. I am not a girl looking for a pimp or father figure in the bedroom. Surely you can dominate me without dragging family into it?

I also don’t like women who refer to their partners as Daddy just because they have kids with him. It doesn’t make sense. How are you meant to have a meaningful sexual relationship with a man when you refer to him in the least sexual pet name imaginable? Stop with that nonsense. It is not sexually attractive.

What to do?

But alas the internet has meant that many a man thinks he is a porn star. You know that something is wrong if you would rather a man said things like “Whose psy is this than “Who’s your Daddy?” right? Cos I’m a realist. I’m tempted to say “That’s my psy and my Daddy isn’t someone I want to discuss right now with your dick in me.”

Or I may just scream “You are! You’re my Daddy and who’s your Mummy? Huh? Who’s your Mummy, Bitch! And see how long that hard-on lasts.

But, like I say, maybe this is just me and the rest of the world is fine with it? Thoughts ?

© Chelsea Black


  1. No, you’re right. I’m a huge fan of filthy bedroom talk, but the whole “daddy” thing leaves me cold – pulls you right out of the fantasy and leaves you shivering in a bedroom in a very small amount of clothes wishing he hadn’t ruined everything.

    In summary: fucking stop it, guys. It’s creepy and ruins all the awesome clothes-tearing and handcuff parts.

    • Thank you Biscuit. It’s just an unnecessary addition to the talk and is a dirty talk spoiler. It never sounds sincere, it sounds scripted and crap. STOP!! But I know that some women encourage this kind of nonsense.

  2. I’m with you on the whole daddy thing… It’s weird…

    And that’s what I used to think till a few years ago when someone said it and I lost my mind cuz it sounded so good.

    I know the whole ‘daddy’ thing is a bit meeeeh but bwooooiiii the following orgasm told me I liked it

    • I guess it’s the timing and the man cos I’ve never ever felt the urge to call a man Daddy. If I am ever so inspired though I shall update this blog accordingly. To me it just sounds like cheap imitation american porn and my accent sucks. 🙂

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