Blue Moon : Stupid Cupid

Last day of July was a blue moon which has some sort of significance. It was also Orgasm Day which when you’re single is one of those days you know wasn’t designed for you. It was designed for married people who need to remember to have sex around everything else that’s going on in their lives. Anyway I digress. A blue moon means that all sorts of weird and wonderful things can happen. I’d have two weeks of Venus retrograde nonsense with exes angry that I didn’t want to do things for them like coach them or have sex with them anymore. Apparently men can get quite angry about these things so I was looking forward to a relaxing night out with the gang. Alas, it wasn’t to be so so. But first let me go back.

Many moons ago I wstupid cupident out on a night on the town with the girls. Typically this night ended up in an eatery at stupid o’clock with all of us feeling the worse for wear and eating more calories than we had drunk in vodka cranberries. Ie. It was a great night.

Then, he walked in and my heart went . As did his. For my bestie. Over the years they talked and dated and I just heard about it from the wings. Life went on as it always does. But I held a grudge. Cupid was clearly drunk that night and shot the arrow crookedly. Yes I know we were all tired and he’d been busy shooting one night stand arrows around the whole of the West End but did he have to get sloppy when it came to me and my heart? Apparently so. Since then I’ve always side eyed Cupid’s late night antics as clearly, it’s not his best work. Nor mine to be fair.

Cue 5 or 6 years later and he walks into an event I’m hosting. I recognise him but I don’t know from where. Then we start talking and I’m laughing like he’s an old friend and we are getting on. Then we both realise that we met on that fateful night. It takes him longer to realise who I am as, he’s still into my friend. I can see how easy it could have been to be with this guy. We probably  have a lot in common because of our upbringings. I’m even willing to over look the fact that he doesn’t remember the Kenny Everett crumbly flake girl . Nobody is perfect. Maybe Cupid is giving us another chance?

But no, bloody Cupid had other plans and that’s when it hits me like an arrow to the heart. Sometimes it’s all about never, ever going for a guy who hasn’t been shot by the same arrow. He’ll never say your name the way he says hers and his eyes won’t sparkle in slight confusion as to why she isn’t quite as into him as he is into her. I walked away. You can’t convince someone that you’re right for them. They have to feel it.

This morning I got a message telling me that he’d spoken to my friend and he sounded so damn cheerful that I can’t help but be happy and hope that Cupid gets them together properly. And that Cupid hits me next time. Come on cupid with your rubbish aim. Let’s do this!

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