Assume the position

A – Sexy Bi os for Blowjobs for women part 3

In his mind he knows how he wants you as you are sucking him off. It will usually be the most submissive the space will allow. Again with the porn?  On your knees only really works if he’s a certain height and your neck is completely straight as you look up. If he has short legs or is sitting then knees can be awkward. Him in a chair is fine but he’s best horizontal to give you more access. Please note this is not one to be trying in bathroom stalls at bathrooms. So I’ve heard.

Also you must have carpeted floors. Mine are stone so I don’t even think about it anymore. But the problem with this popular one is it can make you slightly unbalanced if he’s a forceful one and less in control. He will like this but you may not. N, best you go for  him on the bed and you hovering your mouth over it on all fours. You’re less likely to go in too deep as your throat is not as open but, you can have more control.

My favourite is you on your back with your head over the side of the bed. It’s the laziest position I can find and he can’t see how unimpressed I am when he’s using words of encouragement and doing his porno skit. He can then stand over you (curvature of cock permitting) or straddle your shoulders. But this is the trust pose.  Which brings me onto….


WARNING: 69 can be dangerous if he’s too big or too small. This is when teeth are more likely to get caught on said cock as your position is restricted by his face in your lap and both of your relative torso lengths. Also if you are going to 69 try to manoeuvre it so that you are on top. Nothing like a bruised eye from a ball or thigh to teach you the dangers of him swinging carelessly above you. Let’s not forget some have very little control when excited.

So assume the position ladies!

© Chelsea Black A-Sexy

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