7 dating habits keeping you single

7 dating habits keeping you single

Dating Habit 5: Your expectations aren’t realistic

The prince or princess who will come in and save you from singledom and exactly meets your criteria is unlikely to happen. Hard check here: You are likely not a prince or princess so wanting one is a little too Cinderella syndrome. Let’s try to manage the expectations.

The reality is that most functioning relationships are between people who are only 60-80% compatible. So if you have a list now is the time to review it and take out anything which is a desirable and not a necessity. Yes, he must love dogs if you’re a dog loving kennel owner but does he need to be an animal lover if the closest you get to animals is the odd safari trip?

See Habit 7 as this is linked. Idris Elba is taken Hun. So is Halle Berry. Time for you to move on.

Dating Habit 6: You don’t know how to date

We’ve all met some terrible daters. Like, truly awful. They make basic errors such as not communicating properly, lateness, inconsistency, lying etc. And some are just really obtuse. It’s not about the other person. Instead they make the date all about themselves and their personality. So if this is you LEARN how to date before putting yourself out there on the unsuspecting public.

If you have remained friends with anyone you’ve dated them maybe ask them what you did wrong. If not, then read about how to date online and get some dating etiquette. Lateness is NOT THE ONE and it’s keeping you single.

Dating Habit 7: You are not what the ‘market wants

Unfortunately dating is a market and the market is transactional and harsh sometimes. Superficial things such as age, height, race, size will affect your chances of dating success. Why? Because dating has become a visual thing and the average brain has bought into the stereotypical standards for dating.

But the good news is that you only want / need one interested buyer. See yourself as that £3million house in a sea of £850K. You want one qualified partner who wants the same thing. a

Happy Love Hunting and, where possible, avoid the 7 dating habits keeping you single.

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