4 Tips For Single Women On Valentine’s Day

For women in relationships, Valentine’s Day expectations and lists were set in advance  – you’ll have a date with your partner, and perhaps exchange some romantic gifts. But for us single women, Valentine’s Day means dealing with people asking you what you’re doing on Valentine’s day and when you say nothing they give you that look. You know the one. Yes THAT look!

As you all know the last few Valentines Day celebrations have been cursed so this year, this year I decided to do it differently. It’s always harder to find gifts for the single chick. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself to a beautiful and enjoyable celebration, with or without a guy in your life. Here are four tips for fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day as a single lass.

  1. Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day is a day on which people often expect presents, but there’s no shame in simply treating yourself either! Whether that means buying some flowers to have around the house, picking out some decadent chocolates, or even treating yourself to a favourite meal, Valentine’s Day means why not indulge. There’s no rule that says you have to be in a relationship to be treated like a princess on this romantic holiday – you can treat yourself that way any time you want!

2. Send Out Gifts

You can also get into the giving spirit and spread some love by sending out gifts on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy enough – just order a few appropriate items from M&S and you’re all set! Maybe don’t send to your crushes but to friends or family. Whatever the case, there’s certainly nothing wrong with showing a bit of love for friends and family on Valentine’s Day. We all love flowers. Especially when they’re not apology / guilt flowers.

3. Hang Out With The Girls

I’m not one for staying at home and sulking at being alone this year. So instead I’ve invited my other single friends for a dress up dinner and drinks night. That dress shouldn’t be hidden at the back of your wardrobe. Drag it out and give it a twirl!  In fact, you’ll probably even have more fun than a lot of your friends who are on dates will, but don’t tell them that! Hmmmm, I’ve just checked and none have RSVPed. Still holding out for that date huh my precious?

4. Watch A Romantic Film

As you well know I’m addicted to Rom Coms. Many of which aren’t that good but Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a classic rom com. So for those devotees to romance without having an actual date, there’s certainly some appeal to watching a romantic film or two. Pick a film with a lighter, funnier side – Love Actually, for instance – and it can be oddly comforting and enjoyable on a day filled with love and romance. Alternatively hit my 2 part list of 14 romantic movies.

Don’t say I don’t love ya!

© Chelsea Black

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  1. Thank you for this – I am so sick of reading cynical single-girl blogs about how crap Valentine’s Day and all the people who celebrate it are. A day dedicated to LOVE – what could be better?? I am single, I’m not going to get any cards or stuff, but who cares? It’s about spreading some love and those are lovely ideas of how to do it 🙂

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