24 hours of WTF?!?

So this guy contacted me accidentally yesterday. We had a brief oopsie! chat and I didn’t think anything of it. Oh fuck it you read it and tell me if it’s not weird.


ME: I don’t know what this means dear?

HIM: omg did you go to Chapel XXXXX? If not Im so sorry. Please forgive me.

ME: I think you want Chelsea Black USA dear. I’m CB UK

HIM: OH ok…………….Yes I’m in the USA……..hello to the UK

HIM: Now I have to read one of your books. XXX topics right?

ME: Not really. More dating and sexcapades but not erotica or anything steamy

HIM: You’re like an UK Zane?

ME: Dear god no! She does fictional erotica. I’m not a huge fan of it. I just tell my tales of dating and sex woes. Not the same.

HIM: OK……..You get it in…..lol.

HIM: You more than likely have a beautiful accent as well.

ME: I guess that’s one way of putting it. My accent is alright. Now go to sleep. I’m off to work night!

HIM:  Awwwww you have to work? Some man should be taking care of you so you can write and be creative. But then again, if you had one man your stories wouldn’t be so steamy.

ME: hahaha. One day. I have enough stories to keep me writing for a long time. Trust me. But yes I had to go into a work today. I know. Well dull!

HIM: How was work?

ME: It’s a 5 hour round trip. I’m tired from gossiping with staff

HIM:  poor baby……you have skype?

ME: I do but I don’t skype except for work.

HIM: I hate texting and any form of typing. I only talk and skype. I really feel men that can type really well are gay.

ME: that’s the silliest thing I have heard today. You are typing to me now so you’re not that bad. And don’t use gay in a derogatory way. You’re better than that. I assumed from your photo you were gay 😛

HIM:  I have a gay son I no longer talk to. I’m not supportive of gay lifestyles unless it’s 2 fems or 2 or more fems and a man.

ME: I see. Well that’s limited of you. So as long as you can’t get off on it you don’t support it. That’s sad

HIM: I’m not supporting my fag son. That’s it that’s all

HIM: My other kids have the world. I just refuse to support him. Ask his mom to change his last name but she hasn’t done it yet.

ME: OK I’m very pro gay issues so let’s leave it at that. I think it’s sad you’ve turned against your son for your own selfish reasons. Take care of yourself


The end.

So is it really 2012? People still think like this and think it’s alright to share with strangers? I really just don’t get it. Sad times. I should have called it from Hi to Homophobia?

© Chelsea Black




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