12 reasons why being a single in summer rocks


single summer 2 It’s a bitch being single in winter. You have to crawl out of bed and make your own hot drinks. If the boiler breaks down you have to call British Gas instead of just calling the man to fix it (men will never admit that they can’t fix anything and once he’s over he may as well use his body heat to keep you warm) But in the summer…there are plenty of reasons why being single is better than being in a relationship. One just doesn’t want to be restricted by a duvet and layers of clothing. Break out and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. So here’s 12 reasons why being a single in summer rocks

  1. You can make up salads or snacks that don’t exist and call them a dinner. None of this meat and two veg muck that he expects every evening.
  2. You can enjoy the silent flirtation with strangers in parks as you all appreciate flesh for the 15 days of summer
  3. You can sleep with or without a blanket as you wish. No fighting with him over it. Also men tend to be warmer at night. You don’t have to wake up because a scorching leg has landed on you in the middle of the night.
  4. You can meet someone new. Back in the day carnival was where we went to collect numbers for the winter months. Good times.
  5. You can go on lots of delicious dates in cute dresses and outfits.
  6. You can show off that gym trimmed body? Not a gym bunny? No me either. But you can leave your house in fewer layers than normal thus less resembling the Michelin woman
  7. You can go to all of the festivals and scream at your dubiously aged crushes without guilt.
  8. You can go to outdoor theatre, dance and events without having to explain to him why it’s critical that you go to Hay on wye for a book festival. It just is!
  9. You can live on smoothies and not feel hungry.
  10. You can just relax about sweating or looking bad because everyone looks better in the sunshine.
  11. You can go on holiday to sunny places without having to check out the Nou camp or some war ruin.
  12. You can sunbathe all day long without having to explain why absolutely no housework has been done.  single summer

And thus we have 12 reasons why being a single in summer rocks. Right I’m off to sunbathe in the park. Happy summertime folks.

© Chelsea Black


  1. I’ve got my GROOVE back properly (albeit without a man) but I’ve been bringing sexy back in 2013 and this summer has really helped! I’m talking short skirts, figure hugging dresses, just general fabulousity…the summer sun is a GREAT companion!

    • You have indeed become fabulosity personified. You go girl and keep rocking the singletini til someone worthwhile comes along….or winter. Whichever is first 😀

  2. This is exactly why the exes and old f**K buddies crawl out of the wood work in October…

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