10 Years of Tinder

So apparently we are celebrating 10 years of Tinder and I’m asking myself what if anything have we learned from this phenomenon? Is Tinder the future or is it something we will laugh about like we do MySpace? Let’s see…

Let’s go back

Before the explosion of dating apps we had dating websites. It was Dating Direct, Plenty of Fish, Match etc. But for those of us who remember further back to the noughties there were the naughtier dating sites such as Adult Friend Finder, Sex in the City and er, anther one whose name I can’t remember but everyone had a kink or fetish. Like missing limbs and wanting to fuck twins. So someone took the best and worst of both of these things and came up with the dating apps.

What’s good about Tinder

The good thing about Tinder is the reach. You would never ever get to meet this many supposedly single people no matter how much clubbing and bar hopping you did. Even church doesn’t give you this much amplification. Ignore the bots Guys. They are just there to take your money and make you feel like not everyone is ignoring you.

It’s the biggest recruitment app for free sex and it should be treated as such. It’s transactional and based on superficiality so nobody should be surprised when their interactions are indeed superficial.

What’s bad about Tinder

The superficiality of it all is somewhat done at certain ages and only works for the younger ones. I don’t want someone who looks like they spend more time in the gym than at work (unless they work in a gym).

Also everyone is lying on there now. It is no longer a potential place to meet a partner. You meet an Instagram version of a person who has left out all the real human BS that we all need. Perfection doesn’t exist. More on the 10 things I hate about Tinder here.

How Tinder effs you up

The difficulty is if you have been on anything too long be it drugs, sugar etc you start to change. Your expectations and needs are heightened whereas the energy you have to find it is less.

You’re addicted to the chase of the high as opposed to the high itself. It’s a dangerous slope. So the trick is to be on it sparingly and only in short, focused bursts. When you start seeing the same old profiles but enhanced photos then it’s time to come off. Or start tindering in other areas of your hood because that one sofa isn’t working for you.

Is Tinder the future?

I think Tinder will be around for a long time sadly. And all the copycat apps too. It works as generations are used to social media connectivity as opposed to any old skool loving. But it will have to evolve if it’s going to keep some of you stuck on it as you age out.

Happy Tindering!

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