Satisfaction Guaranteed at Women of the Lens

Time to get out

Ok so now that Covid has been superseded (side eye) by Ukraine, Will Smith and Rhianna it’s time for us to venture out again and start mingling!. I’m not going to lie, I’ve gotten really lazy now. I’m so discerning about where I go and how I spend my money. I don’t want to go out unless I’m guaranteed to have a good time which, in London, is surprisingly limited. Where do you go where you meet people of a similar age and interests where you can actually have fun?

Women of the Lens

And here’s my plug for an upcoming festival. As many of you know the Women of the Lens is back at Rich Mix and bolder than ever. I’ve seen the WOTL programme and it promises to be more diverse and dynamic over 2 days in late April. It’s a Black Women’s by and for festival of creative works both behind and in front of the camera. I’m not one to encourage you to support just because it’s Black. I’ve been to previous festivals and, the standard of film making is pretty good. Mainly shorts, this is an intro into the work of Black Women writers, actors and directors based in the UK.  

Short film – Satisfaction

I was fortunate enough to preview a short film called Satisfaction and, it was so my university dating life. From the cheap bed to the tight smile. So many similar conversations around sex and having to tip toe around people’s feelings. You have a guy Mark who thought he knew everything about his girlfriend Heather but, turns out he didn’t! Yeah…I’m not going to spoiler it for you but it’s definitely laugh out loud worthy.

Let’s debate

For those of you that want more than just films there is always a Q&A part of the screening. Also, you can take part in the main discussion event Sankofa Women: A series of films featuring stories about migration, heritage, oral history and intergenerational legacy. Going beyond London this looks at experiences of Black Women in other parts of the United Kingdom. Previous visits have shown that audiences are lively and up for a debate. Most of the film split the audiences. So pop along on either the 23rd or 30th April and partake in a little Black British creativity. I think it’s safe to say that satisfaction is indeed guaranteed at Women of the Lens.

P.S. If any of you do make it along let me know what you thought and which films you enjoyed.

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