So let’s get this straight dude I can’t cook I can’t clean,
For 5 days of the month I’m actually quite mean
I don’t think your jobs smart. I don’t care about cars
I hate to say this but your best friend? He’s an arse
I hate when you have the remote and just sit on the couch
I hate the way your body looks when you just sit there and slouch
You’ve got horrible dress sense and your wardrobe is shit
And erm, red and green? Don’t go you ignorant git
I have dreams of my own and they are better than yours
But when I tell you about them you just look bored
I won’t ever care which Dr Who or Bourne film is best
And the only hero I know is the one with an S on his chest
Erm Spiderman!!! that’s it right?
And when you order McDonalds you NEVER offer me a bite
I don’t get Xbox or iphones or Play station 2
I don’t care about your computer and what it can do
I love rom coms and chick lit and a gossip with my girls
I love glitter and pink and diamonds and pearls
I love good sex and good sex and did I mention good sex?
And that’s why my darling,I am making you my EX!!!
© Chelsea Black 2010

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