Why Married at First Sight Australia Sucks

Why Married at First Sight Australia Sucks – No spoilers

I think I’ve watched everything I’d normally watched on TV. Lockdown has left me with very few new options hence me turning to Married at First Sight Australia. I know, I wasn’t convinced either after the epic fail that is the UK one but, I didn’t HATE the American one so it was worth giving it a shot? It isn’t as cheesy as Love is Blind so I knew that I wasn’t going to hate it, right? WRONG!  

It’s too big!

As a Size Queen I rarely say this but, TOO BIG! I enjoyed the early seasons as they cut out a lot of the dramatic cliff hangers of the American one. However from season 4 they’ve supersized the show and there are more couples to love to hate. First of all I don’t think I can commit to 29 episodes of Reality TV. 10 or 11 couples blubbering their way through their stunted, superficial emotions should be resolved in 20 episodes or less. I only managed 20 episodes of season 4 before losing the will to live.


The one take away from this is that I’ve learned just how far cities are from either other in Australia. This isn’t something I cared about before. I mean, I still don’t care but it begs the question, why are you pairing people from different lifestyles and coasts together hoping that personality will be enough. It’s not matched well at all. It’s matched for TV not for relationship and that feels wrong. I don’t get why you would set someone up for the drama alone when they’re clearly not in the right place for a relationship. Speaking of which…

They’re not ready or right

Some of the contestants are too fragile and broken by previous relationships to have this level of national exposure. Others are shallow and superficial. Some are on there to get famous. A few just want to fuck around. Others still just don’t know how to relationship. Where is the coaching? These people aren’t ready or right. Someone fix it. It’s frustrating to watch.

They’re just not likeable.

I’ve only liked about 4 contestants out of 40 in the last two seasons. That’s pretty poor odds. So you’ve chosen unlikeable people who we can’t root for. I can’t be invested when you’ve chosen people that are mean or hurtful for no other reason than because he wasn’t the right height or size. And this is coming from a Size Queen.  

Where are the non white people?

That’s just me but, they found one white Egyptian and another Aboriginal man who was so light skinned I didn’t know he wasn’t white. Is Australia that white? It feels weird. I got bored. I need to see more than blonde hair on the beach. Yawns!

Anyway for those who continue to watch, Stay Blessed but, I need to find something a bit meatier.

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