Why Halle berry didn’t fail

thCAFM53YP Last night there were a couple of posts on Facebook about the recent decision by Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry to get a divorce. Divorce happens. They seem to be handling it sensibly with a joint statement talking about how they were going to do this amicably with love and in the best interest of their son. Sounds fair? I thought so.

So why am I reading all this shit about Halle Berry? Disclaimer, I don’t rate her as an actress at all. She’s just ok. The best acting I’ve seen her in was when she accepted the raspberry or strawberry award for Cat Woman. But somehow her rich love life has turned into a character assassination.

I read about how one woman didn’t believe that David Justice ever beat her up despite the restraining order and another about how she’s just crazy. Not one person had anything to say about Martinez who doesn’t strike me as a walk in the park at the best of times. Dumping pert bum Kylie? Nah mate, I’m guessing you’re not easy either.

This morning I grabbed a copy of a free paper called ‘Metro’ and the Headline in the stellar rag read ‘Halle’s Divorce #3 – Heartbreak for Berry as she fails in love again.’ The article inside was actually clear thhbat this was a mutual decision and that she would be protected by a pre nup but, somehow they’re declaring her a failure on the front page?

Apparently it’s the responsibility of a woman to keep a marriage together. Goodness knows what the man is doing whilst she’s fighting all sorts of bullshit to achieve this but yes, women everywhere take note: If your marriage or relationship fails then it was down to you because you carry the burden of the blame for ‘failing’. Fails? She’s getting divorced not sitting her A levels . Unless there are classes and an exam I don’t see how this can be considered a fail. Meanwhile he’ll be in the house somewhere playing with his penis talking about what they’re going to get up to next. Because divorce for men is freedom but for women is failure.

And how is she the only one responsible for a whole relationship and marriage? Why is this an acceptable way to view relationships? Ah it must be her fault because she’s been married before and she’s got ovaries so, yep, let’s ‘blame’ her. Then again I didn’t hear one bad word about Brad Pitt over Jennifer Aniston and yet there has been plenty of negative press about ‘poor Jen’ and her inability to find or keep love. The woman has dated 5 eligible bachelors since Brad and nobody should be feeling sorry for her! Both women have found love more times than most of us who are still struggling with finding the tricky second date.

Let’s movethCARHBSBA away from this notion that people fail at relationships. Relationships don’t work out and that’s life. As far as I’m concerned she’s winning. Oh and don’t think the shady photos of her shopping in sweats and looking less than pristine whilst he looks fine in all the photos posted has gone unnoticed. You may want to paint her as difficult or crazy but I just see yet another woman trying to find her happy. Fuck you, Metro.

So yeah, #HalleBerry #Winning . Now, let me get back to finding a date and doing my Sudoku.

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