Who is Mr BIG?

A – Sexy B is for Big Dicks (As requested by @Farzanabanana)

I always wondered if Mr Big was called Mr. big because he was ….well big! I mean yes he had money and status but there was something about the way he ran game all over our girl Carrie that made you wonder if his swagger was all in his schlong. Because according to Sex and the City that’s what we all seek right? A Mr. Big?. Hmmmm, I’m not so sure I’d want to be kept waiting for 6 series as he chose other people over me but, that’s just the impatient princess in me. I digress

First let’s be clear as to what big is. I was questioned on this on the Big Butt blogs and the thing is with butts it’s a waist to hips to extension of the rump to overall curvature calculation that all men seem to be able to do in their heads even if they never did master the complexities of geometry. It’s an inbuilt skill like David Beckham curving in a ball that comes from years of practise and a love of their craft.

Back to big dicks. Anything over the average is acceptable I suppose. Lucky for many of you that the global average is …. 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth. To read more and make yourself feel better with some helpful pointers which suggests you that most women don’t know what 5 inches is (purlease! We wear heels. We know our inches) click here.

But what this neglects to say is that it includes Asia! Hello, we’ve seen the examples of big in Japanese porn. They may pixilate in the hopes that we won’t realise how small that is but…we know. And the woman are always crying (ok this may be because there is an inordinate amount of forced sex in their porn but it COULD be because they’re just sad?)

Any way research suggests that significantly larger is 7.5 inches and…what we shall for the sake of this and other discussions consider to be Mr. Big. Capice?

Ok let’s move onto size

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