When it’s a hard no

I think there comes a time in your life when one can’t settle. It’s not worth the effort. I’ll give you an example of a typical conversation

Me: I know that I’m just really easy to please.

Friend: [gently] I’m not sure that you are to be honest?

Me: See you and your smug. Seriously. I’m the easiest person ever. Just feed me and respect me and make me laugh…

Friend: Oh! So I know a guy…

Me: Go on….

Friend: He’s not the best looking …

Me: I’m not a lookist

Friend : And he’s got some baggage….

Me: I love children sometimes?

Friend: I mean his mother

Me: I love old people sometimes!

Friend: I’ll set it up then? I’ll leave him a message as he can’t answer calls at work

Me: Wait! Does he work at a prison or McDonalds or something?

Friend: Well no but it’s criminal justice

Me: So a court house? A youth worker? The police? What does he do!

Friend: Mumbles

Me: What?

Friend: He’s a lawyer

Me: What the…..defence or prosecution?

Friend: [hangs head] prosecution

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t see it working. We have different values.

Friends:  See?

Me: Nah. You didn’t tell me we were diametrically opposed politically. I can’t do it. I bet he’s a Tory! Friend: ………..
Me: OMG why are you like this! Did he vote Leave?
Friend: But, he’s a lovely guy

Me: How? OK no. I can’t do it. I need him to have the ability to empathise with every day people. Can he do that? Huh? can he?

Friend: So it’s a no or a hard no?

The end  #ICantBeTricked #WellNotAnymore #LawyersAndThePolice! 

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