What her Tweet pics mean

Restaurant foods – I’m a food snob. You’ll never see me cook.

Cocktails – I like pretty colours. I like pweety colours!

Home cooked food – I’m looking for a husband. See, I can cook!  At least until I get you.

Sexy body parts – I want you to lust after me but know you’ll never get me. By the way, this is my best bit

Arty – I’m a pretentious wannabe.

Full body shot – I go to the gym. Look at me.

Just children – I gave up on my dreams years ago. I live vicariously through the kids

Cats – I gave up on a relationship years ago. It’s just me and evil eyed Fluffy.

Beaches and holiday destinations – I want you to think I’m more exciting and well-travelled then Weston super mere and one trip to Tenerife with my parents

Dogs – I need a needy companion who isn’t as hairy. Please? Pick me!

Photos with friends out – I have friends. We go out and take pictures cos we are having so much fun!

Photos in bathrooms in clubs – I’m ashamed of my need to live my life online and will never wear this dress again

Photos with random strangers in clubs – I have few friends and I’m drunk enough to bug people.

Drunken pictures – I want you to accept me for the drunken lush that I am (hic)

Photos with exes – Yeah I’m not quite over him. Baggage alert

Happy Saturday!

© Chelsea Black

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