Wedding song.

The new West African wedding song?  click on the link to see it

Dear eLDee

Congratulations on your 5th studio album. It’s a lovely song. Few questions:

  1. Why were you being picked up at a random pole in the street?
  2. Why were the cans on the car before the wedding?
  3. Wifey?We still using that term?
  4. Why did you have the engagement ring with you and she wasn’t wearing it?
  5. You took your own balloons? Shouldn’t they be decorating the hall or something?
  6. Shades inside the limo? Sad to say these sort of worked for me.
  7. She was living at home with mummy and daddy?
  8. A limo by yourself dude?
  9. She chucked the bouquet in the limo? Wow!
  10. You kept flashing the cash. What was the bride price? Are you looking for a 2nd wife in the UK who will be virtual only?
  11. It is hard to get black grooms and brides for the top of the cake but I think it’s worth it dear. More authentic, no?
  12. You made her dance on grass in that white dress? She may want to use vanish to get her whites white.
  13. can you pass me the deets of the groomsmen in the white trousers who went down low at the end.
  14. Where were the rest of the African family please? We know a wedding this small would never be sanctioned by the parents.

Love to you and the new…wifey.

(C) Chelsea Black

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