Water is your friend

A-Sexy B is for blow jobs for women part II

Let’s all remember the morning after when you wake up thinking you slept in the wet patch only to realise Mr. Man has left drenched sweat patches all over your favourite sheets. No man is worthy of those sheets my precious. But the fact remains that water should be an essential part of your sex play. Whether it be that shower or a rehydrating drink in between sessions a bottle of evian should never be too far away. I know we don’t sweat we glisten but water is lost and must be replenished.

So we tell them that we use the water to give heat contrast between our hot mouths, their “throbbing member” and yeah the air out there. Fluids for us are used to get rid of any unwanted tastes. Pre cum can be particularly strong and you need to dilute it if you want to be going back in.  Please note that flavoured condoms are not the way to go. They’re disgusting especially the fruit flavoured ones. Besides, the majority of the smell rises from the ball sacs.

The other water solution is to get a bowl and cloth (not your face cloth) and bathe/massage the area in preparation. Kind of like Jason did to Lyric’s feet in Jason’s Lyric. But you can’t be bringing out the scrubbing brush and mope bucket like it’s a stubborn stain my lovely no matter how musky it is. Their egos are more sensitive than their ball sacs.

If he’s a bit of a fragile one then I suggest tricking him into a massage and use massage oils. The hand job wash technique will help alleviate the scent. Best ones are silicon lubes though. Please, do not use Durex massage oils. They’re sticky and icky and…yeah, not the one.

But make sure he drinks lots of the stuff. Don’t let him have the beers and definitely not the black men’s favourites: guinness and hennessey.

You have been warned!

© Chelsea Black A-Sexy

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