Watch the Throne

Speaking of cool and my lack thereof I managed to score two tickets to the Watch the Throne concert at O2. I’m not going to lie my precious my music taste is eclectic at best but I have a soft spot for Jay-Z. I love the confidence of a man who stands there preaching without me understanding most of it. Yes indeed I know very little about rap past 1994 but I love Jay-Z. Don’t ask me about the lyrical commentary and I’ll ignore the use of words like bitch because…there is something inspirational in their aspirational lifestyles. Yes I admit that after two nights of Watch the Throne even Kanye doesn’t annoy me as much as he has since his many stunts involving willing and unwilling women. I mean Amber Rose, Kim K and that poor Taylor Swift. Taylor honey, just know that a lot of people who never knew who you were now do.

RANDOM THEORY: On Kimnye / dating a Kardashian -I wonder if this is to prove he really isn’t a racist after the Taylor Swift incident? Kind of like my Tweedy Chav theory on why she married Ashley Cole after she beat up Auntie Sophie in a drunken rant over a lollipop for £1.50.

But no the reason I went twice is because I know that I won’t get to see this sort of show by a British artist for a very long time. Chances are it will be when I take my yet to be conceived children. They provide a black aspirational experience that we lack here in the UK. I went to see Leona Lewis. I’m still in recovery. The only other concert I’ve left early is Duran Duran. No explanation needed. Those old dudes didn’t bother practising.

I’m not going to lie, American propaganda isn’t really my thing and there was a lot of that. I’m also not a fan of some of the lighting choices but that’s just me wanting to be able to take photos.

But no I loved the concert. Everything from the nostalgic songs to playing the last song 6 times and the visuals. The diverse audience highlighted how far reaching their influence is and short white guys seem to have a particular affinity. Are there subliminal messages that make these guys feel taller?

My one dismay was at the overwhelming number of white and Asian men with bad bodies with their shirts off.  Is this a new craze that we will have to endure? Oh the sweat! This my dears is an appalling look. Seriously this and the women dancing wildly encroaching on my space has to stop. Isn’t this why we have allocated seating? The person who designed the O2 didn’t consider the wild arm slapping dancing of the dancing impaired or in some cases drunk.

But alas the concert is over and as these American artists rinse us of our hard earned pounds and maximise the exchange rate we hum along and wait for the Tinie Tempahs and Labrinths to lead the way. All it takes is extreme hard work, confidence and ownership.

Time to take the thrones lovelies.

© Chelsea Black

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