Warning: Creepy men and the friendzone

Sometimes women can be too nice to avoid confrontation and nearly always, no, always it literally comes back to bite you on the buttocks. If you know or feel that a man is a creepy piece of shit then run. Don’t hang out in his friendzone even if it is work related. Learn to be a cold bitch.  

We met and I immediately knew that his penis would never meet Little Me. He on the other hand decided that with time my defences would probably lower and my standards disappear. You’ve got to love the over arrogant confidence of a misogynist. And so we played the game. I pretended not to notice his come ons and he pretended that he wasn’t that much of a horn dog.

Finally his penis got tired of waiting and his ‘Mr. Nice’ act wilted with it. I felt the full force of a petty man whose penis had not been watered.

Eventually  I suspect, he found another victim and I became redundant. He didn’t need to press up against me anymore as he had someone younger, gigglier, more naïve to play with. I wish her a stay safe and him a stay blessed as I move on to less creepier pastures

Stay out of the friendzone my precious. You’re better than that

© Chelsea Black 2018

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