Tyler Perry Post IS 2020

Normally I’d be reaching out with my final blog of the year but no, that’s tomorrow. Instead I want to sum up the fuckeries that is this year in two words: Tyler Perry.

Recently I’ve been jesting about older men who are finally ready to settle down when they’re in the retirement home. Because this things of ‘I need time / space/ other women’ thing is getting old. Older than them. And the rest of us are all pretending that it’s  not happening when it totally is. I know men in their 50s who are adamant that no woman will shackle them. That a relationship is imprisonment. That they prefer the assault course that is dating crazy to keep their lives exciting. Me I want peace at home. I don’t need near death.

Then I’ve got those friends in their 60s who are desperate to find someone to take care of them as they’re not as desirable as they were before and now they want to settle and start looking at women 20 / 30 years younger to be their carers /baby mammas/  lovers? And we are supposed to be grateful!

 But, wait let’s go back…

Tyler Perry

The other night all was right with my world. I was minding my own business on social media when I was assaulted by this image

Tweedle Dating Dumb and Dumber

Two men I have no time for. Steve Harvey for that godawful book he wrote and supporting Trump unnecessarily and Tyler Perry, a man who has insulted us with poorly delivered storyline and made for Christmas Concert in middle school wigs. I know, it was a lot to take in Not only is this one giving us Tinder / Grindr gym pose but he’s talking about a midlife crisis at 51. A midlife crisis of his own making!

Why it’s a no from the Chelsea Judge

I can’t with these men. The only thing worse than Karen tears is a man old enough to know better lamenting the state of his self made love life. Fuck out of here!

I’ve recently experienced the aggression of these men. Men who weren’t ready but then suddenly they are and you are the object of their fixation. Not a healthy fixation based on mutual laughter and fun but because they want someone to save them from whatever shithole life they’re experiencing.

 Suddenly they feel entitled to all of the love when before they were enjoying exploring their options. Now their penes are so driven that they’re hunting but not in a Hollywood way. Nope, in a, ‘ Bitch be thankful I’m even bothering with you’ kind of way because nothing says delusional like a man past his prime who thinks he’s Denzel circa 1991.

My thing with Tyler Perry is that he’s got a kid and had a woman for some 6 years who he didn’t marry despite his Christian values and now he’s all, “People, I’m struggling. Help a Brother out!”

So yes, he’s the archetypal wasteman who will rinse you for 6 years before moving on because the life isn’t working for him. A whole 6 years of fuckeries!

And then, here we all are, in the midst of a pandemic and he’s crying Black Man tears over his decision to split up with someone and go out there and find him someone new? 2020!!

Circumstantial Relationship

Let’s remember that this may just be a blip in mindset and not a change for life Covid and being faced with your own mortality will make a thirst trap of many a man but none so much as those who were adamant that no woman was going to get the better of them

I’m all for love and relationships that nourish both people but, just as men have been saying for years, never, EVER, date a desperate man. They’re too much of a headfuck. That’s why Tyler Perry is 2020. He’s the fucker who, just when you think is getting its shit together goes and fucks you over all again. Be woke!

And remember…

Women hit their sexual peak in their 30s to 50s. Men have peaked and it’s all down hill from about 35. Do yourselves a favour my Singirls and, date younger. Chances are that whilst these ones can lyric you like Joe in a 90s ballad, the sex isn’t as good


And yeah, I’m dragging Steve Harvey just for the heck of it! Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!!!

© Chelsea Black® 2020 (Covid Era)  

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