The Writing Challenge

The Writing Challenge

Dear Fellow Writers / Newbies/ Wannabes and those that just saw challenge and thought, why the hell not,

This isn’t a competition. This is an attempt to get us all writing more and in a more focused fashion. So maybe it’s a competition with yourself.

As a student a long long long time ago I had the privilege of working with Nadine Gordimer, a South gordimerAfrican Nobel Prize winning writer. She had a system in which she treated writing as a job. She kept office hours and broke for an hour for lunch. I on the other hand have fleeting moments of inspiration, normally at 2.34 am when the lights are off and I can’t find paper or pen.  I then promptly forget them and refuse to write until the inspiration takes me which isn’t often enough to be deemed a writer.

So what we want to do is change this and make writing something we can do. With purpose. With focus. We are all working on different things from a graphic novel to the great American sci-fi movie to a how to book to blogging. Whatever you choose to do I ask that you give this at least an hour a day broken up into 3 20 minute slots and learn to write with purpose.

  • Planning. “Without a plan you plan to fail” – Mystery Men. I feel like some of us write like PMS Avenger – 4 days a month. Let’s try to make this more consistent. Mystery Men Auditions Clip
  • I’m thinking that most will find that they write and as they do 10 other ideas creep into your head. Note it down and then get back to the writing at hand.
  • Try not to write on drafting days or draft on writing days. This is actually harder than it seems.
  • You can write more if you choose but don’t write less than you have set out for that particular day.
  • If you miss a day then that’s ok as we have editing days. Editing isn’t always fun but necessary.
  • Let’s have fun and do this. I’m posting in Munchies, Marathons and Motivations so be sure to join.

Shit, I’m already behind with drafting Chapter 1 because I’m now watching Mystery Men clips. I’m also thinking about my theme song….yeah this is what I mean about getting easily distracted. Waffle Woman!! mystery men


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