The wanker part 2

The Wanker part 2

In January I wrote about a wanker I met on an adult friend’s site This was my experimental phase. I discovered I don’t get anything from listening to others jerk off.

Anyway on the day I posted that blog this January my friend read it and we commented on it. We were friends he had slept over in the past (on the couch) and we had been out although it was clear that it was not going to go any further. My reasons are simple. He:

  1. Still lived at home with his mother with real no intention of moving out and never had
  2. Was stuck job wise, wasn’t great with money and didn’t seem to have much direction
  3. Said the most inappropriate things like ‘I’d so like to rape you right now’ in an attempt to be funny
  4. He was a self-confessed wasteman
  5. He was cute and funny but at my age cute just isn’t enough.

But that said I explained all of these and he agreed that it would never work. I would boss him too much.  So that night he convinced me to join him on Facebook chat. Being a technophobe he had to talk me through it but finally he was there on my screen! As we were talking he felt the need to bring it out and demonstrate to me that it was…of a size. I had already seen photos so this demonstration was already way too generous and I told him so.

But then he started…jerking off. I asked him to stop but he continued until I think he realised that I wasn’t participating. At one point he had tried to get me to join in with a “lift up your t-shirt for me” and I thought is this dude serious? On the day we had discussed it?

Here’s the thing. I write about sex and dating so some men think that means they’re in with a chance. Bless you all I’m more discerning then you will ever know. And I have no problem with wanking in general. Just don’t assume that others want to see it.

And so thus ended a friendship because I then realised that you can’t be friends with everyone. Not when they disrespect you, visually assault you and cause you to question whether your writing is to blame for their inability to control themselves. . But most of all, you can’t be friends with wankers.

© Chelsea Black

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