The Trickster Dater

The Trickster Dater

Ah alas the trickster dater is a common phenomenon these days. Men who try to trick you into either sex or a relationship. The condescending arrogance of it all. I mean, women are no smarter or more stupid than men when it comes to dating and yes, Hollywood suggests that we are more susceptible to being tricked because of our emotions? Bullshit

Trickster Dater

What’s a trickster dater

A trickster dater has studied women and gives them what they want. The worst sort of narcissist they are only geared on getting what they want from women before moving onto the next score. That’s fine if you also only want a hook up but, chances are they will target women who want  relationship because they are more of a challenge.

I remember an ex telling me with pride during pillow talk he had tricked at least 20 women into sleeping with him. He explained that he preyed on insecure women who were more likely to just be happy that someone showed them attention. He studied the ways of the pick up artists and purposefully would target the ‘prettier’ of the friend then go for the plumper or uglier one. Never older than 35 because they were more likely to get pregnant on purpose apparently.

But first he would ignore them. He wouldn’t call for 2 weeks then call knowing that they would be grateful. He would take them somewhere cheap ad talk about how poor he was and see if they would pay (he was a corporate lawyer.) He would write to them in their DMs but write to 12 other women and see who looked most vulnerable / needy when he wanted sex. Then he would stop writing to them until he’d finished with the other woman. He would prey on them and then ghost them. The truest of narcissists. And he told me all of this with pride because I was meant to feel relieved that I was somehow different from all of these other women? Nah

The beginning of a relationship shouldn’t be fraught with worries and your insecurities being played.

Trust your spidey

My view is that women want to be too nice so even when their spidey senses tell the that something isn’t quite right with a dude they ignore it because they don’t have proof or evidence to support their intuition. Part of this I blame on friends who pressurise women into accounting for every guy they say no to. I said no thanks to a guy the other day and got the typical, ‘you’re so fussy!’ line. Until I showed them a photo of a man claiming to be in his 40s who clearly had his Freedom bus pass and explaining that he gave off married with ex wives in the wall vibes. Yes he covered it in cheap, duty free fag smoke but, I wasn’t feeling him.

But I shouldn’t have to mansplain my not wanting to date people. A no is just a no.

So beware the trickster my Precious. If there is anything about him that seems disingenuous and plays on your insecurities then block and move on. Yes, he’ll e charming and fun as are all trickers but, he’s not for you

Happy Dating!

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