The resolutions

Every year I made the same 3 resolutions: lose weight, get into a meaningful relationship and buy lots of heels. I know my precious, there was little sign of any weight loss and there had been a few dates but none that were worthy of a permanent toothbrush. I bought myself a pair of red Carvela heels from Kurt Geiger so I figured I was winning. What was a girl to do?

I decided to start with the exercise programme as chocolate and champagne were becoming constant companions. I went online and an hour later fearing a call from my bank manager I logged off and waited patiently for the pink fleecy outfits to arrive. And arrive they did. I can’t deny they all looked really cute on but, none of them made it outside. It was just too bloody cold! Maybe I should have bought an exercise DVD instead?

As January dragged along with everyone complaining about the cold I knew that jogging wasn’t going to work for me. So I was left with one resolution to tackle. That of the meaningful relationship. Don’t get me wrong I’m always in relationships. It is just that they aren’t always in relationships with me …..or just me. And sometimes the relationships are virtual or ….in my head. It’s all about timing, location and my imagination really. It was  time to get serious and find someone to lust over who would lust equally back.

I had divorced internet dating after some incidents on some sites which involved men perverting the dating process and then it hit me that the only one that hadn’t failed miserably was eHarmony. I remember joining eHarmony a few years ago, spending ages filling in a personality form (something I love doing – answering questions about myself) and then waiting to see who they thought would be a match for me.

They sent me my first match and as his photo slowly loaded up I realised that darn it I already knew him! They sent a few more and of 5 I knew 2 I real life. I figured they weren’t doing too badly here but then black London is pretty small. I quickly lost interest in internet dating as I was on way too many sites at once and went back to what I do best; moaning about being in a #datingrecession.

So fast forward to 3 years later and a chance encounter with one of those eHarmony matches showed me that maybe there was more to this personality matching then I had first realised?  We tripped and fell into each other. What can I say, there’s no such thing as an accident and they were right we were a match. Just more of a one night match than a permanent one.

Curious I facebooked eHarmony and came across a mini questionnaire to work out what sort of dates you should be going out on. I was a little sceptical but then I looked at the prizes. Wine tasting, spa or bootcamp…I filled in the questions and prayed for the wine tasting or the spa. Both were opportunities to relax and get drunk. Can’t say fairer that that!

But alas I got…the bootcamp. And then I realised that this was not my opportunity to find a meaningful relationship. Instead this was the opportunity to kick start my exercise regime and use that luscious pink exercise gear I had purchased. But the key thing is that I needed to try something different. Cos after 6 years of resolutions I was still making the same ones every year. And who knows…maybe I’ll give the website a go again. You never know who else I may fall into right? Regents Park Bootcamp here I come!


To enter the eHarmony competition go to Good Luck

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