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It’s 29th of February so women are supposed to propose to the guy? Erm, not during a #datingrecession. Women are not about to buck tradition and get down on one rickety knee and I’ll tell you why…’s not our job to say when. That’s really the only thing you will ever have a say in again so fellas, own it. We do everything else. You just don’t always realise it bless you.

When is the right time to propose?

It’s tricky as we are all ready at different times but I personally reject all marriage proposals made within 3 weeks of meeting or before, during or after sex. Er, hello! You’re naked dude so where’s the ring? Clearly this isn’t well thought out. I’m partial to within 6-18 months though as after that you’re wondering into time waster zone. So the answer is

When you’re sure

I’m not a fan of the long engagement. Propose because you want to get married to HER not because she is pressurising you into a wedding before her Granny dies. Granny has been on death’s door since 1986 and I swear I saw her leading a congo at the last family bash so do it in your own time.  Most men say there is a moment when they know. Seize it and put that woman out of her misery. And it’s never cool to retract an engagement or to have an engagement portfolio.  One of my exes broke up with me and got engaged to someone else 2 weeks later. He’s now getting married to a 3rd lady. Good job rings can be recycled huh?

Make sure she’s sure

Best propose when you know she’s going to say yes! Don’t propose to make up after an argument, after you’ve cheated or when you’ve done one of your 2 week disappearing acts.  In the back of her head she will always wonder if the proposal was genuine. Besides some may just say no because she knows your mum just chucked you out and you are looking for a place to stay. That said some women really don’t want to get married. Either been there done that or can’t think of anything worse than shacked up to anyone. Or….maybe it’s just you?

But don’t take too long.

Hello! Eggs wait for no man. I’m fed up of speaking to men in their late 30s and 40s who still aren’t ready. Be honest, tell her she isn’t your future wife and let her get on with her life. Steal that one recipe that’s keeping you there or teach your little miss new boobs how to do the splits but don’t I beg you keep a woman waiting for ever. Wrinkles aren’t hard to photo shop but that desperate look of bitterness that you made her wait 6 years? Impossible. My motto is simple. Marriages don’t always last forever but wedding photos are for life! Don’t ruin them

Happy 29th February!

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