The Proposal The Prep

A male friend of mine told me that it’s really hard to propose. I think I was supposed to be sympathetic but quite honestly I wanted to shout, “Try strapping an African and English wedding onto your shoulders, dude” These things aren’t easy in comparison.

But ok. Here are a few tips


“So what you saying? Should we do this or what?” Isn’t really going to crack it. Remember this: This story is going to be told again and again. It can either make you look amazing and get you loads of play OR it can be used against you EVERY time she wants to win argument. And that’s a lot. So best you think the setting the ring and the words out carefully. Romance can also make up for a slightly smaller ring than Madam would have wanted. The story trumps the ring.

I would stick to your own words as opposed to those used by great romantics if your delivery isn’t your strong point. If you have an amazing voice, musical ability now is the time to use it to draw some tears out of her. (Might I suggest an X Factor style audtion of said song choice to female friends in advance? They’ll tell you if you should lead with the song or just buy a bigger ring.

Setting is everything

My ex wanted to propose at Old Trafford. Whilst it is one of my favourite places in the world outside of Department stores, Champagne bars and bed I’m pleased he didn’t. He realised that being surrounded by a bunch of surly men berating the absence of Ole Gunner and eating meat pies the way I eat chocolate wasn’t a good choice. Besides we had nosebleed seats. Chances are in my excitement to see the ring I would have dropped it.

Outside is fine but please make sure she is appropriately dressed for that climb to the top of the mountain before embarking on this journey. Nothing says No like a drenched or sweaty woman whose heels have been ruined.

Family and friends is a gamble. In one way great she is pressured to say yes but on the other hand what if she pulls one of those faces that tells you the thought of marriage was the last thing on her mind? She just liked to bang you and thinks you’re a wasteman? Best do it in an intimate setting I suggest.


You can see more of this on Leap Year: The Ring but a tip on size is to steal one of hers that she wears on her ring finger or right hand if you don’t know the size. Better a bit bigger than smaller.

If you are unsure of her size then buy a cheap one and then go with her to choose the real one. This may prove more expensive though so best you ask her best friend or you steal a ring. I’m a K by the way, in case FuHu is reading this (that WAS 10 years ago and pre Haribos. Darling go for an M for Maxine and we can always resize)

A nice touch is to get it engraved. That suggests you aren’t planning on recycling. Yeah I’m STILL bitter. 😉

But no matter what don’t try to propose without some preparation. Nothing says No like her asking you why you didn’t ask her father first when she clearly sent you the email 6 months ago with his details. It sours the whole proposal.

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