The promoter part 2

I don’t like being made to wait to get into an empty club. I don’t like it when people forget that I’m the one paying for a service. And most of all I dislike people being late…for their own bloody event!

I can only blame myself really as I collect those fliers at the end of the night and then think that they are a good idea.

There was another who again wanted to drop the tickets off for a birthday party club night. I asked him if I could just pay him online and then pick up my tickets at the venue but this seemed to be too much of a stretch for him. I asked if there was food there and he said yes there was so my group agreed to arrive early to get their grub on.

Then he suggested that he come to mine and do the exchange. I said fine but an hour after the time he called and asked if I could meet him outside Battersea Park station. First of all, why must I cross the river? Secondly why would I wait at a station like a working girl looking for a john? I told him straight that I didn’t care that he had to take a singer to Croydon. I wouldn’t be doing it.

Now, those of you in London will know that there are a number of black event friendly bars in the city beginning with A. Apt, Agenda, etc. It was one of those. I arrived first only to find that there was another event on at the venue. A soul music event and they wanted me to pay to get in. More worryingly there wasn’t any food. I knew I should have had a sneaky samosa at the tube station. So there was no food and the event wasn’t due to start until…10pm. 2 hours to kill. Then I noticed 2 girls standing around looking lost with gas cannisters. They were there to dress the table. I don’t really know what to say to them except 4 balloons a bit of ribbon and some of those confetti type stars on the table isn’t really dressing it but bless them at least they were there on time.

Then this guy came to me and said that he was the partner to the promoter. Life partner I asked innocently and he reeled back. No business partner he said with disgust. OK so this wasn’t going well. I had my rant at their disorganisation and got a discount before proceeding to get stonkingly drunk.

So promoters sort it out. It isn’t difficult to get a plan together and make sure that everyone has a good time. Don’t even get me started on DJs. That’s a whole other blog.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can sue them for my hangover? I mean everyone knows drinking on an empty stomach is bad for you.

© Chelsea Black

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