The problem with Beckys – A workwoes tale

The problem with Beckys

As some of you know I’ve taken a break to focus on some work woes crap that kicked off in May. I was going to use that time to write book 3 but that wasn’t to be.  Becky Bullshit at work got to peak levels where I was having to defend my decisions from back in 2019 and they secretly audited me looking for shit to pin on me. Naturally they found nothing because, there’s nothing to find. All of this stemmed from a BME organisation they think I helped get a leg up. A whole me? I helped everyone equally so nope, that didn’t wash.

Instead of this calming their evil spirits it ired them into a passive aggressive rage. I was no longer invited to strategic meetings. I was taken off key projects whilst they discussed what to do next. They blocked two promotion opportunities and said it was because they needed someone from outside the organisation and someone with the gravitas. The new hires are both less experienced than me so, whatever, we know that’s not true.

The dream team

What these fekkers don’t realise is that I have a lot of work capital in my colleagues. All those months of Nandos and baking and listening to their life stories, covering for them when they had covid fatigue and remembering their children’s names’ finally kicked in. Every day I was getting a ‘heads up’ text or call telling me who was gunning for me and how. I was struggling as, these things are isolating but, I got on with it and pretended I didn’t know what was going on. They then started to micromanage me and find fault in my work.

I thought about fighting it. I then found out that the main bully came up the ranks with the CEO so, that wasn’t going to work for me. It was exhausting. Smokey reached out to me from her new work place and told me to jump ship. Another ex colleague couldn’t take on a contract and gave me her interview slot. I’d thrown her some work over Xmas.  I felt like the interview was one of my worst performing ever but it was enough to get it.

Not today B*. Not today!

Long story short I’ve got 2 new contracts with a potential 2 more in the pipeline and have started a new company with 2 of my ex colleagues incorporated today. Fuck them, they can carry on with their passive aggressive crap for as long as it entertains them but I will not let them reduce me to a former shell of myself.  

It was a horrible 6 weeks but it taught me the following:

  1. Being good to people does come back as they are good to you when it counts
  2. Keeping in touch is also a bonus
  3. You can’t always fight the good fight even if you are in the right
  4. Institutional Racism is alive, well and typically wears a died blonde bob.
  5. I remembered that I am good at what I do and that integrity counts.

A huge shout out to the support team who will never ever see this but kept me sane throughout and, I will not forget the kindness

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