The old friend cockblock

A –Sexy: C is for Cockblock

Wiki: A cockblock is an intentional, or sometimes unintentional action that serves to prevent someone from having sexual intercourse with a partner. Such behavior is often motivated by jealousy, or competitiveness, although it is sometimes accidental, or inadvertent. A cockblock, or cockblocker is a person who engages in such obstruction or intervention

So I hosted a party at my place and I’m not going to beat around the bush…one of the guys liked me. I liked him too but I wasn’t sure. You’re never sure when it’s at your place and you’re facing a whole Sunday of cleaning up after the party. Also he had done that helpful friend thing of never actually admitting he liked me. I had done that unhelpful thing of not bothering to tell him that I thought he was cute. He brought a bunch of friends who I didn’t warm to at all but apparently these friends were like brothers to him. They had grown up on the same estate and everything. I wasn’t sure what significance this had but I was given the impression that he would take a bullet for his boys if ever he had to. Ok…..

So there I stood catching the odd eye contact and deliberating on where this was all going. But then as the night wound down his friend came up to me and helpfully made my mind up for me. He said that the guy was going to hang around until the end of the party as he was hoping to ….help with the cleanup in the morning. Oh? That was generous of him I thought and then when the champagne fog had cleared I thought… OMG I had been tagged?

Well that was it. Now I couldn’t get with him because I hadn’t gotten a date out of it. Also his friends knew about his intentions to get into my pants before I did. Why the friend was cockblocking his friend is still not entirely clear as he wasn’t getting into my pants. He would’t fit, not with that massive chip on his shoulder.

In the end they all left at the same time. The guy I liked seemed somewhat dejected and yet, what can you do. For me to get with him without even so much as a Nandos first when I knew he had been scheming and planning it wasn’t going to happen clearly.

But yes, he had cockblocked his friend. I wonder if I should tell him that his friend isn’t so much of a friend? Nah, he must be aware that he’s a cock…right?

© Chelsea Black

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