The insecure couple

A-Sexy: C is for Couple part 3

Some relationships aren’t that strong. Or some women are not that secure in the relationship. So even a whiff of a single woman near their precious man and they come out looking for drama.

Let me be clear, I do not covet another woman’s man and when I have done accidentally –ooops I did it again – and he’s made it clear that he’s in a relationship I’ve stopped very quickly. (There is nothing that copious amounts of chocolate and champagne therapy can’t heal me of. TRUST ME)

So when I arrive at an event and talk to the men because they are the ones that are friendly and talk to me first then please don’t assume I want him. Besides he has that relationship weight / I just need a break from nagging look about him. He’s not my flavour. If you have issues with him flirting then talk to your man, don’t talk to me. I’m not here to police his actions. I’m single, my dial is constantly on open / potential flirt mode. Chances are we aren’t even flirting but arguing the top of the Premiership and why my name is Chelsea and yet I don’t support them. These are the sorts of uninteresting subjects you don’t debate with him. And if he’s a Crystal Palace fan then he’s definitely safe.

Then you do the possessive dance of shame. You bring him drinks, you wrap yourself around him and you climb all over him in an attempt to demonstrate how strong your relationship is. What you should be doing is looking at him because most of the time he’s looking like he’s enduring it or annoyed by this shameful display. Or if he’s really enjoying it and this is all part of your foreplay then you do you boo boo but I’m not into partaking without permission.

My issue with insecure women is that by demonstrating your insecurity in front of your man you make me look like the sort of woman he wants. Confident to walk into a room alone, not bothered with which women in the room may be prettier and ready to mingle. Suddenly he remembers all the things he used to love about you and which you are no longer capable of. You on the other hand are sitting there worried about who might be a threat to your relationship. The only person who is a threat is you….or Halle Berry. Move on and stop being a twat. It’s boring. In fact, I can’t even be bothered to write about you anymore.

© Chelsea Black

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