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H is for Hashtag

Today I’m going on one of those courses that are good for work but are boring as all hell. Lean project management. Just writing it brings me out in chills. I’ve got 2 twix to see me through and am going to fortify with a McDonalds breakfast on my way. These are desperate times my precious so don’t judge. I googled all of the attendees. I may need another twix.

The problem is that this is not my life. Yesterday I had a tweetup with a friend from Ghana and his Chelsea FC loving sons (hey, kids aren’t perfecting) before spending the afternoon in Russell Square. I had a book with me, The 7 highly effective habits or something but I still haven’t started it. Instead I was bugged by deeper existential questions like could I go to a book launch in flip flops (answer – yes as Office didn’t have anything I loved) and what could I wear today that I could then wear tonight (answer – still undecided but I’m figuring silk may not be the way to go)

But almost seriously I was contemplating the blog and writing and next steps. It was only at the book launch for Jenny Garrett that I bumped into two people I’ve known online for years but never met that the answer came to me. Both seemed pleased to meet me (phew, I’ve had some negative responses to some of my misadventures) but said that my hashtag #datingrecession suggested that I was closed to dating. Me closed? My whole bloody family were constantly trying to hook me up with dates and I pretty much dated anyone who asked me. When I came up with the hashtag my though was that like job searching in a recession I was looking but there just wasn’t anything available. How had I a writer and marketer gotten this one so wrong? Maybe I was closed. I needed to do a whole consultation ….on me!

I went home and as I ate twix number 2 and a millies cookie (Yeah and what! Existential crises, even those that are virtual require fuel. Besides it was too late to slap on a steak) it came to me that I needed to change. So the hashtag is now #datingready. I want it to be clear that I’m open. Not to everyone mind you. But I’m back in the dating game.

It also got me thinking about what I wanted from work and once again I realised that I do love my writing and consulting. I’m just not so keen on working with men in TM Lewin shirts with hairstyles that don’t have a name. What’s that about? A hairstyle without a name. Haven’t they ever bought a style magazine? So, I’m going to pursue the work I love and not just the work that makes great money. OK, I’m so going to think about this one. Sitting in a park costs money.

So wish me luck my precious. I want more fabulous days in the park eating chocolate and less days learning about Lean for companies that already know it all.

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