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Random rants: You’re single because

I know that people make sweeping remarks about Social Media and how it is eroding the English Language but I disagree. Yes we use shorthand because that’s what 140 characters force one to do but do I believe that people are dumbing down. NO!

I also love talking about all things dating, sex and relationships. Don’t ask me why but I’m overly opinionated on all of these subjects. Maybe a long string of dating disasters makes you want to explore the field in more depth. A dating anthropologist is what I’ve become.

So I was really excited when I saw a hash tag on the subject of why people are single. Woo hoo! This would keep me going all day surely? I had just written about some women at a single’s mixer and I was ready to go. And then I looked closer at the hash tag which was trending in London.


Where was the precious E after the R which would have made this hash tag acceptable? And why was this giving me a slight panic attack? My Catholic schooling was kicking in.

Now I know that apostrophes can’t be part of a hash tag. I get it but nowhere have I heard that correct grammar can’t be part of a hash tag either?

My thing is that not everyone is a first language English speaker. God knows if I ever tried to tweet or Facebook in any other language other than English everyone would unfriend me. But this was just sloppy. And I refused to take part in it. It is my one woman boycott.

I’m now sitting here thinking about having another twix as I consider how this morning went awfully wrong. Twitter gave me the gift of wasting away the day then took it away with that one missing E. I’m probably going to have to give in and do some work instead. I feel so cheated.

You will have to excuse any spelling or grammatical mistakes in this blog. I’m just too upset to write properly. I need a moment.

Happy hash tagging! But please, take care.

© Chelsea Black

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