The F*ck Buddy

A-Sexy: F is for Fuck Buddies

Let’s be clear. You are not friends with a fuck buddy. In fact you should actively dislike your FB so that your interaction is purely sexual. An FB isn’t an ex that you just want to sex. No that’s Friends with Benefits – that blurred world that doesn’t really help anyone except for the one that doesn’t want a relationship but is too lazy to go and get sex elsewhere. More on those later.

But back to the FBs. I actively dislike my FBs. I mean seriously if they weren’t so sexually hot I wouldn’t even dare have them in my space. My reason is simple. The pillow talk sucks and somehow they always try to wangle an overnight stay. I can’t star fish on my bed.

FBs are dangerous though because if you are having a vulnerable period in your life and he hits that sweet spot just right…there is a danger that you will start to think that he cares about you and your pleasure. This is not the case. Either he got lucky or he’s really good at what he does but caring about you and your satisfaction is not an option here.

The other danger with FBs is that they can take up a lot of your energy and time leaving you without the energy to seek a service which offers you conversation as well as sex, company and cunnilingus.

Take on an FB with caution. Make sure there is no way you could ever fall for this person and practise all of those moves you’ve been dying to perfect but were too scared to try before. Because that’s their selling point. You can be as freaky as you want and they aren’t allowed to judge you.

If they are too drunk or once you stop having sex then don’t try to turn them into a friend. No point. I’m going to have to write some rules to being a good FB. Trust me, it can go horribly wrong.

Happy FBing!

© Chelsea Black

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