The fancy dress code

The Dress code

So it’s kicked off. Some of the people who come to casa de Chelsea are annoyed that whilst they make effort and get dressed up AS PER THE THEME others choose that they don’t have to. I almost had a riot on my hands. And I can see why as many people put a lot of effort into their outfits. We had the fangs (mine fell off :(), Steve Urkel, a clown, some pussies and lots of more masks. But there were a few that I had to ask who they were as i hadn’t seen the films and some who just didn’t dress up at all. Maybe it was abstract?

What to do what to do?

There is an annual soiree that I attend. It’s a Drag Queen Party. We aren’t allowed to take photos and everyone must dress up. IF someone comes without dress there is a box of leftovers from previous years and they must dig in and get involved. I never really got the logic behind it as clearly I have my outfit planned 3 months in advance of the event. But now I get it. Either you follow the rules or you don’t.

My themes are hardly hectic. Yes there is the odd costume party – it’s Halloween for goodness sake – but apart from that I tend to stick to colours to make it easier for people to do other things that night. I’m not tyrannical but I may just have to become so. I don’t want some guests angered that they weren’t allowed to flaunt the rules.

So be warned that at next party I’m having security on the door. If you’re not in dress or following the theme then you’re not coming in! sorry my lovelies but it will ensure that everyone gets into the spirit of the event.

You have 8 weeks notice until New Years Eve. Don’t say you weren’t told.

The End!


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