The dinner date dude

Sometimes I just don’t know what to make of men. Maybe the men out there could help me?

dinner date dude 2So 5 years ago I meet a guy at a party. It was an all white party on a boat. I was cold and didn’t know many people but it’s easy to mingle when there’s a fancy dress theme. A mutual friend of ours introduced us. I met him at a fancy dress shop the year before. We had one of those rare deep, non sexual conversations for ages. We take pictures of the group so I’ve definitely not made up our meeting. Our mutual friend is a neighbour of mine and explains that he’s going through a divorce so isn’t in the right space for anything right now. I promptly forgot about him until last year when I throw a mixer and our mutual friend invites him along as an extra male. He’s cool but we don’t really talk.

Then a few weeks ago I bump into him again. He’s been divorced for a while now and dating up a storm. Good. Nobody wants to be the rebound girl.

We start talking again and he says that dating isn’t going that well. He says that all the women lie and I tell him that most of the men aren’t any better. We laugh and a look is shared. Then he offers to take me out for dinner. In fact he would love to take me out to dinner. He asks for my number. I give it to him despite the fact that he can’t remember our meeting 5 years beforehand. He says he’ll make it up to me by treating me to dinner. I think I had a blonde wig on. Me and my wigs! I forgive him not remembering me and a girl has got to eat, right?

Anyway the guy goes on about how he’s going to call and that I’ll be hearing from him sooner than I think and he gives me that look again and I walk off confident in the knowledge that dude is gonna call. A dude that makes such a big deal about calling is definitely going to call.

10 days later and I’ve not heard from him. I go to another event and our mutual friend is there. He tells me that Dinner Date Dude is in the cinema already. I tell him to tell his friend thank you for the call. I take ages waiting on other people (black folk) and getting popcorn (greedy folk) before going into the cinema. 3 rows behind where I’m sitting is Dinner Date Dude. I call out hi and he can’t even look at me properly. He does this squirming in his seat thing that isn’t very masculine at all.

So my precious I haven’t heard from him since although his friend has been in touch and he hasn’t mentioned any deaths in his circle of friends. I refuse to ask adinner date dudebout him as clearly he’s not that into me. But why would a liar be so outraged by the lies of others?

In the interim 2 men who disappeared for 12 months have suddenly popped up like the proverbial bad penny. Why?

The mysteries of men continues ……

© Chelsea Black

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