The day time creep


Home safe and sound and I don’t think I’m going to bother going out again today. It’s pretty exhausting out there. Women are always told to beware of being out there at night time because that’s when the bad men come out to harass us. Always strangers never men we know of course because those men are interested in us and therefore deserve prizes (Americans please note sarcasm).  But it’s not about time of day though. It’s about opportunity and, there’s nobody with more opportunity than the day time creep.

Wealth of experience

I’ve had everything from batty slaps to body grabs to  flashers on trains during the day time and nobody around me challenges them. They pretend not to notice them or that I should be grateful that men still give me attention. I am tired of being told that one should be flattered. It’s not flattering. I know that women in their 60s still get attention what with the birth of GILF porn so this is not something that I would see as flattering.

Today’s gems

Today I had to go into South London dressed in my winter uniform of puffa jacket, hoodie, low boots and black leggings. They’re not even the ‘Don’t Brixton or Hackney’ tight leggings. 3 car beeps later and I realised that none of these men wanted anything but to alleviate their boredom for the day. One curb crawled for a wee while but my resting bitch scowl soon saw him screech off. I think my face said, ‘Not today Fam! It’s too cold for your married but bored shenanigans.’

It’s hard to take these idiots seriously because the majority of them are in situations that would be classified as not single. They have her indoors. This is just a means to eff up someone else’s day whilst they’re on their own time. Sigh. Please can it stop?

Then I’m on the train back from South and dude comes and sits opposite me in a near empty carriage, puts his feet on the chair next to me and tries to give me what I think he thinks is an LL Cool J level sexy look but is more Mr Frazier from The Real McCoy. I hate feet on seats. He then starts a basic conversation. I shout, I have a boyfriend and change seats! He jumps back like I’ve attacked him and is the victim of a crime against his ego. Whatever

Is nothing sacred? Not even a rare day off from the Plantation. That’s what annoys me most. That these lazy fuckwits ruin the few good days off I have with their entitled need to get off by harassing strangers. Please may it stop!

Help us stop this creepiness.

If you want to ensure that your man is not one of these said creeps then keep them busy. Too many of them have too much time of their hands and have clearly exhausted all of their swipes left for the day. If you are one of these creeps then stop your nonsense. Nobody is impressed or even mildly amused by it. Nobody.

I think I’m going to start taking their digits and giving them the time, luring them into a false sense of security before naming and shaming online. Then again, the minute you show a modicum of interest back they run a mile. They don’t actually want this either. They’re just, day time creeps.

© Chelsea Black 2019

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