The Curb Crawler

I was going to write a cheerful tale of an ex but this will have to do instead.

Last night I was walking back from French class. A walk I’ve been doing all year around at about the same time of night. I was bopping along happily to Naïve by the Kooks in my glittery uggs and leggings contemplating trying some new cuisine. Yes my precious, Weetabix have released Oatibix, an oat based alternative and this was to be my dinner that night. Very cordon bleu. As I’m walking down a busy car road with red lines I notice a car pull up a way ahead and the man roll down his window. He’s Asian, older and judging by the car has a bit of pocket change. It was big . There were 2s 5s and 6s in the license plate and he was heading to the river. I clocked all of this in a typical Stranger Danger way.

I walk past and he says something. I reluctantly take out an earplug and ask him if he’s lost. He says no. I replace my earplug and keep walking.

10 metres later the same car has pulled ahead again. “I really wanted to say I think you have a beautiful body,” he says.

Wait, huh? What does he expect me to do, swoon and get in the car?

I do my polite tstreet-harassment-tmlfc3here’s nobody else on the roads smile, say thanks and keep walking. Why does he feel the need to stop and say something? I don’t know him. It’s weird how guys think complimenting strangers is something that we welcome. We really don’t. I just want to listen to my music and get home to my dinner.

He shouts out if I want a lift somewhere and I tell him no and keep power walking for my life.

Then I see him pulling over again and making to get out of the car? Really dude? I don’t have time for this shit. I ask him what does he want!

“I’d really like to get to know you better. How can I do that“ I tell him loudly no thanks , give him a leave me alone scowl and walk with purpose towards the supermarket. I’m about 60 metres away and I’m calculating if I can out sprint him if the need takes. I think I can but you never know. He could be the Usain Bolt of street pests. He curb crawls behind me for the whole 60 metres and then, when I get to the safety of the bright lights speeds off.

Now I know nothing technically happened but I was not happy. Why is it that some people like to thinly threaten women and make them feel like their body is a commodity. I felt like Asian dude was a John and I was a streetwalker. Why did he think it was ok ? Why would anyone think it was ok?

I found myself thinking that maybe leggings weren’t the safest option for going to French class then had to stop myself. I didn’t do anything wrong! Why was I now contemplating changing what I did to avoid idiots? I may change my route though. Just to be on the safer side. womenspeak-tumblr-com-1

I’m tired. Time for some Oatibix and a snuggle in Lekky Blanky. Yes I know it’s lunchtime but, it’s never too early or late for cereal.

© Chelsea Black 2015

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