The British Gas Angel

He’s back!

So last night there was a horrible noise like someone was being choked and my bath water went cold…I figured this was just next doors plumbing going wrong but no it was mine. And so this morning as I woke up to a toasty bed (thank you lekky blanky) but a relatively cold house I made that call again to British Gas homecare. This as some of you know is a regular issue and they haven’t been able to figure out why which is all the more frustrating. I had begun to believe that they had put me on a mental health / potential sexual harassment list as I had only been getting the older service men since a complaint a couple of years ago. But today my precious they gave me Stu back. For the history of my relationship with Stu read here.

He never remembers me but I told him about our history. About him saving me from the cold Autumn of 2008 (I’m always cold) and me bursting into tears when he fixed my boiler after months of misery and cowboys. This home owning nonsense isn’t easy by yourself I tell you. I’m not good with being cold and I really don’t understand why others don’t get how my mood is intrinsically related to my mental health. Well British Gas know this now hence my suspicioun that they had placed me on their mental health list.

Today he walked in and yes he’s older, bit more weight on him and still the smell of a recently smoked cigarette but he was back! I reckon he’s in a happy relationship as he was whistling whilst he worked.  He’s no longer a boy but a man 4 years on.

And he figured out what has been wrong with my boiler all these months as well. He really is a star this guy and so once again I say thank you Stu for being you and saving this woman from feeling blue.

I see this as the end of the dating recession. I’ve been in this flat for 4 years and whenever Stu comes it changes my fortunes be it work and love. I’m going to take this as a sign from the universe that the fog has lifted and that there is an end in sight.

To warmth!

© Chelsea Black

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