The Bank Boo

Bola Boo

Yesterday I had to do the post xmas money shuffle at the bank. If you move more than a few hundred they start asking you questions to make sure I’m not being scammed. I was only moving it to another one of my own accounts! But that’s when I heard about the Bank Boo.

Bank Boo

The overly chatty bank person told me that they had a guy in the other day(let’s call him Bob)  trying to move £20K to Nigeria. They told him it was a scam. He told them, nah, send my Boo the dosh. They explained that his Boo probably had balls and was called Bola but he was adamant. So they called the police. The police!

The police sat Bob down and told him that he was an old fool and that Boo wasn’t the one. He told them he knew what was in his heart even if he didn’t know what was in Boo’s pants.

So the bank had to take the decision to let him send the money so that Boo could finally come to visit Bob. He said fine. I learned a few things.


  • A man in love will do ANYTHING for you . Anything. You don’t need to question his commitment
  • The internet is a horrible place to prey on the vulnerable and lonely. Bola isn’t coming. Bola has moved onto his next mark.
  • Banks are overly suspicious about African countries and can’t differentiate between Naija and the rest of the continent. Africans, Asians and Caribbeans have been sending remittance since we got here and yet the only continent you question is Africa? I was only sending money to Wolverhampton.
  • I need to step up my dating game. I can’t even get a man to pay for their own bloody coffee let alone dinner. Boo is out here getting thousands!

Everyone at the bank wants to know if Bola Boo ever made it. Something tells me this isn’t the Happily Ever After love story that Bob wanted for 2020. Let’s all wish Bob the best and know that he has a concerned friend in his High Street Bank

© Chelsea Black 2020

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