The 7 Kwestionable crimes of Kanye West

The 7 Kwestionable crimes of Kanye West – so far

Whilst I understand the latest slavery as a job opportunity has rattled many I think we have to accept that Kanye West has priors. Like seriously the pressure of early success is a lot to live up to so now he’s just pissing people off because he’s bored. He’s that dick dude who can’t stand to see other people happy so he’s wallowing in dark thoughts and asking kwestions about how he got here.

Let’s take a look. There are many KWest crimes but these are just the ones I recall without googling. I’m too lazy to give the KKKs any more cookies.  Just to be clear I don’t like KWEST-KarKrash and I don’t follow him and yet he bleeds all over my social media. I’m going to add to it real quick. Roasting is a choice!

Kanye Kwestions West


  1. Verbally attacking and vilifying Amber Rose. I guess now we realise that she just had too much black in her? *coughs*
  2. Marrying into the KarKrashes. How are you joining the band of mediocre husbands and boyfriends? I thought you weren’t into gold diggers? Dude, I’m sure she only married you because your name began with a K!
  3. Naming your kids like you’re Gwyneth or Beyonce. A half black child can’t survive this kind of future bullying. You should know this.  Please home school. No wait, family issues…..please boarding school.
  4. Trying to convince us that you were a fashion designer. I will never forgive you for dressing up sweat shop leftovers as a whole collection then making it do the catwalk.
  5. Kooning about your love of Trump. Nobody cares. Not even Trump. Shit, now you’ve made me write that dude’s name twice. I hate you Kanye.
  6. Stupid comments about slavery. I would like him to comment on the holocaust next and watch his public death. He’s not stupid. He knows who he can attack and play with.
  7. Manipulating people into thinking you are some kind of unstable genius who is messed up because his mum died too soon. Nah.  We know this recent show is for the album sales.


We have no more kwestions on why. We are all just over it. Darn it! I had to google to get a photo. Sigh.

In other news I did enjoy his tackling of Taylor Swift on behalf of Big Brother Jay’s woman that one time. That’s it


Shit I forgot about the staged , maybe it was for insurance Jewellery theft thingy in Paris. I’ll blame the family for that one

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