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So last night I was out at a winetasting event which, for someone who hates wines wasn’t awful. I knew immediately that the awful South Ridge vintage was going to be my downfall and yes I woke up this morning with a mild regret headache. England is not synonymous with wine. Just bad weather bad sports results and general moaning. The wine tasted of all of those as well as smelling of carrots. Urgh.

However in the morning after blur I also remembered a conversation with one of the women on the tour. She had met someone on tagged in March and knew instantly that this was the one. She had only joined in January. That’s not bad odds given that the average match.com timescale is 6 months then 6 months free if you haven’t found the love. Nothing like a timescale to focus your efforts.

So this morning buoyed with the knowledge that someone I knew not a friend of a friend had succeeded online I signed up to tagged…..

Dear Lord it’s not for me! Now I know that you only need one guy but bloody hell there were some ones on there as I’ve been tweeting about all morning.

Some people think it’s ok to lie. Just friends huh? Is that because your fear of commitment is really an inability to bother having just the one woman at a time? Or do you not actually know how to date?

But the worst lie is that they’re internet dating because  “I’m too busy to date”. So how the hell are you planning on having a relationship? Oh we just to have sex at yours? Oh you live at your parents so…sex at mine? Cos your parents are actually your wife? Right!! It doesn’t take long to figure out that no one is that busy. Please! A relationship just isn’t their priority.

I’m not going to say anything on grammar and spelling. I mean text speak is bad enough yes but at least there is some conscious thought that went into that. Bad grammar just makes me want to cry for those nuns that tireless taught me the basics of conjugating verbs and spelling.

Oooh someone just tagged me? Oh he’s no oil painting.  Why do I keep thinking that this time it will be different. I know already FuHu isn’t one for such nonsense.

Tomorrow I will talk about the criminal and over abused profile photograph. Seriously a lean and Cross Colours in 2012? Come on son!

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