Street Wastemen Opportunitists

Street Wastemen Opportunitists

Summer brings out all sorts of Street Wastement Opportunists so be on your guard my precious and hope they are just chatters and not grabbers.

I didn’t bask in the sun today. Instead I waited until late then lazily walked up the bookstore hoping to get something lovely to read. On my way up I chat to a friend who is in a new relationship and the sun is shining and all is right with the universe. I love new love.

Waterstone’s Piccadilly is still insisting on mixing the black romance with the white romance so I have to trawl through every fucking shelf of British chick lit and regency and highland fling romance to find any black romances. Turns out that I’ve already read all 10 that they had. This however takes about an hour of random distractions and avoiding bookshop lurkers. There was one today. It wasn’t looking like a great book day for me so I left.

Despondent, I’m walking back from Waterstone’s along Piccadilly and I’m almost at Hyde Park Corner listening to my music when I see a dude crossing the intersection towards me.  Dude mouths something to me. I take out a headphone and he says that he’s sorry to bother me whilst I’m power walking and then asks me if I know where Green Park Station is and points to his phone like he’s lost. I tell him it’s 5 minutes down the road and he says thank you then adds, you look beautiful by the way. Dude is clearly not lost and probably is from London. Sigh


I wanted to break into an Olivia Pope style monologue but that’s too much like hard work. I wanted to tell him that men like him who think it’s a compliment to stop women in the street and compliment them whilst trying to get a leg over is not cute. He’s not cute. He’s annoying. His microaggression is trying to ruin my day!

Besides I know I don’t look beautiful. I’m in a crappy dress, old flip flops and a scarf half covering the mess that I call hair. I look a hot mess but clearly he’s just trying it. What’s your name he asks me because the dead stare I gave him clearly wasn’t enough. Popping the headphone back in and growling I just stomped off.

What a joker. Clearly I’m not powerwalking in flip flops!! Hope your summer loving is going a bit better


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