Spit or Swallow Etiquette

Spit or Swallow Etiquette

It’s Sunday and I’m feeling somewhat philosophical. And so it’s time for the old age existential question: Spit or swallow?

Etiquette in sex is a murky backwash through many implied rules. You need to keep up to date especially if you’re not much of a communicator during sex.

But, I’m pleased to announce that there has been some recent progress in this particular arena. As an avid reader and watcher of erotic stories I’ve noticed that there has been a shift in practices. Does one spit or swallow? Well it all depends on the recipient apparently and less so on the blower.  Oh how the power dynamic has changed.

Porn and Creampies

Back in the day to admit that you swallowed was almost as rare as admitting you gave blow jobs or ate pussy. I know. The 90s were an awkward pre internet time for so many with shame attached to almost everything. The risk of being publicly shamed was too high.  Blow jobs were for birthdays and anniversaries as opposed to standard foreplay. Yes that’s right, oral was withheld unless you were deemed deserving or worthy or one year older. Imagine!

However porn and the internet changed that. Initially porn insisted on spitting or external ejaculation to ensure the money shot was truly captured. Or the penis was removed from the mouth and wanked onto tits and face to ensure that we, the audience saw it.

The emergence of the creampie category from every orifice gave us that opportunity to still see that the dude did in fact cum and we could all rest easy. Because it’s all about him, remember? Sometimes there is exchange of creampie. Because again it’s visual. So porn is not a fan of the swallow as the audience needs to be able to evidence that he got off. Coming on tits and face is much more visually obvious and interesting to shot (no pun) right?

But Erotica…

Erotica however doesn’t need that visual and so we see more of a move towards swallowing. This makes sense to me. Where are you spitting onto? Doesn’t spitting mean you taste it more and realise that his diet needs fixing?  And can we, in these Covid times endorse spitting? Nah.

Erotica is all about doing the most. Making the other person feel like you’ll do anything for them including swallowing. BDSM and all the humiliation aside there has been a move towards swallowing as opposed to spitting and, also seeking consent. We are seeing the polite swallow exchange. A new etiquette in the blow job space which is most welcomed.

How does it work

Simple!  The  recipient informs the blower that they are indeed about to come and the blower then opts as to whether or not they trust the person enough to swallow. It gives said blower control. Do I trust this dude enough to swallow? Now, having asked for consent the assumption is that they will indeed swallow.  Typically the blower doesn’t let go and often sucks harder.

Bad Etiquette means a surprise completion which will normally lead to the surprised blower running off to spit it out as you don’t deserve to be swallowed. Make sense? So yes to the authors out there who are persuading audiences out there to seek consent and quietly chiding those who surprise with cum.

If you want them to swallow then …

Fam, this is on you. You have a duty of care to alert the blower that you are about to blow.  Nobody wants to swallow solids. Stay hydrated. Drink or eat that pineapple. Don’t be a selfish semen giver who doesn’t think about the blower. Is it not bad enough that they’re doing all the work? And, same goes for squirting ladies, nobody wants all of that without some sort of prep. Play nice.

All this writing is thirsty work. Gotta keep hydrated. Happy Sexing!

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